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In the US all of them were American citizens the j. ACL became the. Main intermediary between the US government and Japanese Americans during, World War Two but, Greg Robinson says many enquiries, disliked the j. ACL indeed the Japanese American citizens league which, had, supported, mass removal As a temporary war strategy into show their. Patriotism was hunted within the camps Japanese American citizens the activists actually beaten. Up and, threatened, opponents of the JCL suspected there were informants for camp thirties and the government there was a. Special label for informants Ainu Japanese for dog in the fall, of nineteen forty two actions by the j. ACL helped spark a riot at Nansen are in. California after Pearl Harbor Japanese Americans were Ben from the lottery service Eric Muller at a conference in Salt. Lake City the j. ACL leaders. Gathered and announced that they wanted Japanese-Americans to be able to resume serving in the army and in. Fact go off and spill their blood on battlefields to prove, how genuinely true American all of the Japanese Americans were Many Japanese Americans supported. That idea but others were appalled when a j ACL Representative, Fred, tahama returned to Manson are from the conference. He was savagely beaten by masked men all fellow prisoners in camp Manson Arthur he's arrested a man they suspected, of taking part in the beating a riot ensued military police were called in they shot dead. Two Japanese Americans in the crowd The.

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