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They were beaten and now and now mike atlanta a team that barely made the playoffs is philadelphia here the favorite later is that should be i look i peek atlanta can win that gave my own crooked wave of the next game alan cooke the icu i don't right of franchise so you know but in it'll be it'll be fascinating to see now you know play the his backup quarterback who has been the starting quarterback um just feet what they got let us move on to a game that set football back fifty to eighty g game buffalo in jacksonville i will say only this that the highlight for me in that game was listening to tony romo who wife i thought i think he's really good why why would isn't that they're a team that's their only gave are only galaxies will say why have one guy was the only game knowing all could have come out of the kid a i see how do i fail as a great time until late portals were terrible paint whoa whoa whoa whoa being a pro criticism woody austin felt bad you as a member of the flat a unlike other members of the flat who cannot criticize people in the game they call telling getting a great yes young who doesn't really care who ridiculed hiccup aimed give you a critics call his great and uh mike god sukwoo how could how can bleak portals home is a war on a scale of one to ten in a game with a playoff celts this large decided guy was of fees royalties someone else who felt bad lesson that game was not in the fred was me in the front of the washington redskins fan thinking we've got this quarterback we meanwhile rybkin's and and these teams are in the playoffs and were wasting this guy were about to watch this guy walk away the air and as that is heartbreaking man the whole thing of the game the only good thing of the game was doug mirell went on fourth goal and blake borders through the only pass through all day though was in good that's right that game was that gives the governor pullman does have private eleven team those are drive in eleven little dental care about why units idol jack.

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