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Is easy as 123 or if I could press the easy button to get something done? I'll be nice. It would be weird talking about it being national simplicity day today real quick Before we go there. I have to tell you this because no one called to tell us the other side of the story. But I did an instance story on Instagram and Facebook. 57% of people say yes. They wear their lifejacket. 43% Say no. When they're in the lake. I want to know why no fell. I know I should have asked that question. If you're saying no. Why not think we have to go back in and put like I can swim, But I would still worry like you hit your head or something like that. I mean, Yeah, Anything can happen. Advocate Hunt, 78. That's my insta story. I would love to know if you're a no vote No, and show me some stats and then tell me why's that Mia messages Toe wide. Okay, so National Simplicity Day is today. You know. So what do they do for us? And like, like, OK, Yes, I know. I need to simplify my life is just like my reminder. Like, really Step back. Take a look. Yeah, And just like, you know, ways that you can simplify things like Zack always tells me my bedtime routine. Can you know he's simplified and laborious? No, it's just I do take awhile to get like, you know, whenever I'm like, I'm going to bed. It's like 20 minutes later said that just being a woman Yes, thank you. Private. I mean, I'm sure I could cut some things out or, you know, whatever. But it's just that kind of thing or what we could do to make our lives a little easier and not so busy. So what have you done to make your life easier out there is Is there advice you could give us a way to simplify things, So there's less stress in our life. We love to hear from you to take your advice and 614821 W TV, and that's 8 to 1. 9886 So have you? I mean, since we're taking stock today, are there things you think you could do? Because you're very organized. I try to be. So. Are there things that you in your organization? Have you found some things already to simplify your life? And you just need to take it one or two steps? I mean, just decluttering like you two have a lot of clothes. Yeah, I can't I have I have it. Well, how much is too much I have. I have a whole bedroom is all mine. Wait. Your whole bedroom closet is all yours. Is and the dresser dresser is yes, Dresser. I am not proud. But, you know, just de cluttering. I give everyone who follows a Marie condos. That's her name. Yeah, I give everyone credit who falls for advice because I can't do it. So I attempted to watch Marie condo. Probably. I would say no. When did that show come out on Netflix within the last, you know, Year two, and it's a great idea in practice like I think it's a fantastic idea and practice. But it's You have to commit to getting it done and I have the same clothing problem that Emily has and my husband is on me. But he is so on me right now because we moved And I moved all the clothes with me. Like I took all the clothes with me. And he's like, I cannot believe you took the dress from our wedding brunch 15 years ago, but it's a really cute J crew dress. Yeah, I do that all the time. Like, Oh, I haven't worn than a year or two. But I might one day, 15 years cannon money. Like why did I do that? I'm not going to fit into that dress and had to take it to be a lot of work to hit into that dress. So I'm with you on clothing. Kurt. What about you, like, do you have some advice for us to simplify our lives? Well, I'm a retired teacher, and that falls in the same venue because whenever the kids would have asked me questions, my whole comment on them for my 31 years of taking Wass Don't work harder, Work, smarter things that make a call. They find a way to do it easy to make it more makes it better and make sure that you will do it then. So what have you done to work? Smarter in any area of your life, whether it was teaching with give us something Well, when I when I had And the kids would, you know, Take a quiz, and then everyone has their exchange papers. I never did that. All I had them do is switch hands and grate it with their all hands. And if they made it, they made a change. I would see the difference of the print. So you literally had them used there, like right left versus their ride or the other way around. And that's that. So that was your smart worker out. Yeah. And the space all those questions about who I don't want them to get it. I don't like them or whatever you know with that, and Kurt. My mom was a teacher for you know, 30 years. What a good way of getting out of having a great quizzes when he got home. Oh, yeah, I use it all the time for cuisine and for them Checking And why? Why should I do it? No. You save your time to do something else. You simplify your life. I love it, Kurt. Thanks for the call. Like I need to apply guards for lots of e. As okay. I'm trying to think about what I could do, and I think it might have to involve with I need to delegate. I mean, he's talking about delegation on one of the things I looked up when I was looking at, like ways to simple because I'm always Interested in one of my favorites was learned to say no. Which I have a hard time. Yeah, that could be a trick. It would make my life a lot easier. I'm sure but I just I have I'm a people pleaser so, and I mean, I feel like I need to get better prepping I was stamina, Meal prep better and Everything like that. But just having every I give credit to people who have everything done the night before I do, too, because I have coworkers that air like that when we were working normally in our normal space, like they would food prep like nobody's business, and that would simplify their life again. 614821986 You have a tip for us like Kurt. We love to hear it. That's a 21 w TV end. So I started doing something a couple of years ago that I think has helped me simplify my life because it helps me organize my thoughts. There's this book called Getting Things done by David Allen. So not Paul Allen of Microsoft. This is David Allen, who wrote getting things done. And it's a system of organizing kind of your your needs, Right? Like the things you know you need to do the things you know you need to buy that place is you need to be Maybe not so many places right now, But for me, I have a System where I go through this process on Fridays and Saturdays, and then I know what my next week looks like. I like that and I use ever known to do it and it helps. Sometimes I your list can become overwhelming. So you have to move stuff, Tio. I'll do it later and figure out the most important stuff. But That's something I did to try to clear some mental clutter out well, and another thing I was thinking about to speaking of mental clutter is not having negative thoughts. I tried this actually last week, Okay. Go a whole week without being negative. So how do I do that? You just have to think of the positives. You know, I try to do that, anyways. Think the positives everything but even being hard on yourself about something trying because I am hard of myself a lot. And I feel like trying to be more positive about things I can't control. So what happens like, Let's say that negative self defeating talk comes in. That's when you had the positive one. So I guess you're just you're better than that isn't immediate, like when you did it last week is like, you know, I stop yourself immediately. Did I tried to? I mean, there were certain times I got overwhelmed, and I think we all are hard on ourselves were worst critics pretty much we can't be. Yeah, Camping's I just tried to be like no It's out of my control, or I can I can do this and I feel like the more we push thie negative thoughts out. We become happier anyways and just more positive and I I mean, I have coworkers I love and adore. And if they're hard on themselves, and like, Oh, I see you so differently. So I think we need to try to see ourselves like people see us. Give us a little grace becoming minimalist dot com, which is a website that people really start to know. Especially after it was minimalism. Was that the name of the Netflix show? If they like you, they have 10 things you could do and we've covered some of them and we'll go over them real quickly, Because now we've got to get to the brake. Your possessions, which we already talked about. You can check out Marie condo on Netflix. I can't do it. You could take a stab at it. And it might help a little bit. I would try but your time commitments and maybe this is the saying no bitch. Your goals, making things list of things you want to accomplish in your life and choose the two. Most important when you finish one..

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