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Super Sunday in Atlanta. Nansen Romo have the call today. I was supposed to get down and have dinner with them last night. I could not get back into downtown. That's how bad the traffic was at about eight thirty last night. I had something we Jeff things downtown. I had to go up the bucket. Am I tried to get back downtown? The traffic was so bad. I couldn't even get back downtown last night it stopped. That's how bad and I saw on the eleven o'clock news that they had just massive massive traffic jams last night in Atlanta, and they had to close the park. They had so many people in the Olympic walk. It had so many people that they had a client how they closed it. Because it's it's massive. I don't know how they close it. But they did. I mean it almost rival the one I saw in Tampa once where they had that Gasparilla pirate thing at the same time. They had the Super Bowl, and we spent four hours on a bridge once dog, and I coming from we had we had a dog. I had to do an appearance. In Clearwater, not clear water and get back to. No, Saint Petersburg. And then we gotta get back to Tampa. We got stuck on a bridge for four hours trying to get back in the Tampa one night on this day before the Super Bowl. So you can get some wicked wicked traffic jams any Super Bowl cities on Saturdays, especially Saturday nights because there's so many people around and so many people out all right album bridge joins us. We saw him this week. Bouncing around. So here he is on a Sunday morning as all these guys. I'm sure like may tie of talking about the Super Bowl. But we get ready finally to play a game today. Albert what's going on? Well, my guys in the same problems last night. In fact, I got out of a cab. There wasn't moving. I waited forty five my boys, and I waited forty five minutes, I was going down and have dinner with Jim and he was throwing a private party. And I we did not move for forty five fifty minutes. And finally, we will that late to get down there. And I said that the driver forget it just if you could turn around he went over to grasp went the other way, and we went back to the hotel to the hotel where I was staying, and we just could not get in there. It was just impossible. So it was kinda crazy night here. All right. What did you think about the ebony any quibbles with any of the awards last night? No. I mean, I, you know, I said at the end of the year, I like breeze for MVP. But I there's absolutely no issue that I have with Patrick Mahomes winning MVP. I guess you could argue that like sometimes you'd like to see the MVP and offensive player of the year be different players. Yeah. He's here that though here though, he did here. And and then I did the one that sticks out to me that you know, I probably would have done differently. If I look at all of them, what would have been offensive rookie of the year. I probably would have given that Baker Mayfield. I'm glad Buckley. Got it. Because he's such a nice kid. He is really I don't know Baker Mayfield at all. But I thought they feel would win because I just thought the core. I said that the bulk the night to see him at the party, and I said to him, you know, what I'm afraid Queen of quarterbacks usually when these things because he really wanted to win the award, and I could tell he was very excited when he won. I'm glad he want. He's a very nice kid. I'm glad he wants. And I don't like, you know, what I mean, we're talking to these cases like if you have an issue mom's getting MVP over Braves Mahomes for fifty touchdowns. There's a little bit of an issue with Barclay getting off into rookie of the year over Baker Mayfield Barkley had two thousand scrimmage yards. And so it's not like any of these were were off. It's just a couple of them. I think you could make an argument for someone else. That's all how about the five guys who got into the current MVP. The current hall of fame guys any of the guys. Gonzales, read no brainer. Barely very solid. I love Thai law. So I think he deserves it Mewa is pretty much a borderline guy. I watch more. I play a lot. It was bills first signing when Bill I came to the jets who was his first free agent signing, and he turns out to be a great signing. He gave away a lot of money to get him to the jets. He had a really good career. Yeah. And I think they've, you know, it's it's interesting. I talked to cal- who who are in the room for my Monday column and. Yeah. They they mentioned this. I hadn't really looked at it. But they really do have sort of logjam of offensive linemen. And you know, they they feel like they need to start finding a way to get some of them in. And is there, of course. But then there's Tony the Sally who certainly. Not in Allen Fanta, very very good player for a long time. Then so number of options environment that I think they feel like deserve to be in that aren't in. And it'll be interesting to see how that part of it works out because it could be one after the next, you know, could be they they just put in one a year until they get that. They get the decks cleared. Yeah. Absolutely. And I'm telling you, there's not a happy man probably in the world and gillibrand to get in. Yeah. 'cause gillibrand his whole life has been the NFL. I mean every minute of it so him getting in you could tell gills get old, and you could tell that he was. Yeah, I'm sure that was a big deal fan getting into the hall of fame. And you know, I I I I worked with killed NFL network for a bunch of years just a really good guy. And he I always feel like the bar should be. Can you tell the story pro football without a guy, you know? And you can't tell a story pro football without gillibrand. He really did change the way scouting works and and help build a dynasty and Dallas. And you know, I I'd actually argue that over the years we haven't put enough scouts and general managers in and so it's good to take you'll get in. Let's get to the game. And you know, it's interesting. I always look for the themes. These are easy themes. You got the old new you got the young and old. You got the the established guys who have done so much. You got these new guys the new kids on the block who want to you know, you got. Got this young quarterback who's been a Radic. But he's gotten it very quickly. You got the coach who is the next. You know, everyone's ready to canonize is the next genius as the next great coach. And he will get there with a win today. He will take a big hit lost. But he will get there with a win and a lot of the league. And you know, we talked about this on the show this week. A lot of the league is not thrilled about his ascendancy. It's come very fast. I think everybody respects, Sean, I think everybody respects, Sean style done. I think everyone recognizes Sean, I think what you call coaching freak, right? Like, he is the total package. He's you know, very good with the exit good play collar game management. Very very good in the room. You know? And so. In so many ways he's a complete couches which is allowed her to do this at that age. I think people are a little upset with is sort of what they feel like is overreaching for the next one, you know. And so it's both Kingsbury exact Taylor's Matt leflore. It's all these guys who've gotten head coaching jobs. Head of guys who've probably been waiting a little if not a lot longer on those guys have, you know? And so I think that that's probably more than anything else where you see some of the backlash. It's not with Sean himself. It's with you know, maybe the overreach by some other teams to try and find the next one when you put this infra is remarkable today when you watch this game and McVeigh's really good. There's no question. He's got something. He's his team responded quickly to them when he became coach. She turned the culture around immediately. He's coached thirty five games in the NFL. Bella check has coast four hundred and twenty five. I mean that is think about that. I mean, that's not even counting the years with bell. Check was in assistant. I mean at a coordinator. I mean, you're talking about a guy who you have a professor here who is the professor emeritus who's basically the Albert Einstein. And you got a guy who's poached thirty five games. This guy's still wet behind. The is. That's an amazing thing when you think about the game. And it's you know, I think contrasting styles of the guys are alike in certain ways to they contract. Obviously an age ones on offense ones on defense NATO. But I think that there are similar in philosophy and how they see the game. Both teams play a match up game and can change from one thing to the next week to week basis. Both guys are very comfortable in their own skin. And you can tell when. Listen to them talk and hear him at the podium. Are you hear him in front of their team? You can tell how comfortable they are with who they are. And you know, I I think that there's just Iran talents with both of them to you know, and that part of it can't be overrated either. Because that's what allows you to be able to perform on the biggest stage and perform against the best and. Yeah. I think that there are a lot of things that you see with the two of these guys that are different. But a lot of the reasons why both guys are very very good. They wind right up with each other. Themes here. There's a couple of interesting ones level one Aaron Donald people want to call people wanna put Donnellan Reggie White class. They wanna put him in a Lawrence Taylor class. They wanna put him in. That's very special class. You know, what those guys in big games showed up and made a difference. They they destroyed blocking schemes they dominated games. Aaron Donald can't be silent today if he wants to be a great great player, and this is going to be a challenge for Mike. Because I mean, I think at least a piece of today is going to be and probably most of the day, they're gonna be scheming and devoting resources to stopping him. I mean, if there's one thing that that the patriots will not do is they usually will not let you beat them with their best with your best players. They're gonna find a way to take away. Whatever you do. Well, and they're gonna make you play left handed. And so I think the challenge for Donald today will be not getting frustrated, you know, the patriots are gonna throw everything Adam. You can find a way to kind of maintain his head. And and and and and take advantage of whatever few opportunities he has to make plays. Because again, I think that they're going to devote a lot to stopping him. And I think because that the key to the game maybe consume because Donald consumers the guy who is going to be saying better match ups in down a guy who's got the ability to take advantage of that was on. If you look at the Rams defensive line, and I'll take you back to last year Super Bowl the eagles really didn't get to Brady much early in that game. But you want to go to the game changing play in the fourth quarter. If you look Brandon Graham makes that play right? He's one on one. And the reason he's one on one is because Fletcher Cox is heating up double team. And so I think that's well. At least some of what we're going to have to see from the Rams defense today is whatever opportunities Aaron Donald has. They gotta hope he takes advantage of them. But for most of the game they need to win his match ups because he's the one who's going to be getting the mashups. He is going to get. At the single. But you know, what those great guys Reggie White Taylor. They beat double teams. They be the great player. The really got the unstoppable guy. If there's a point in this game. You know, if you're if you're watching this game early and all of a sudden there's Aaron Donald and he's not Brady on his rear end. You got got some problems. I mean, if I see that once early I know it'll make a big difference in this game because that doesn't happen. And when it happens it really does impact how they play. And you know, what I talked to talk about that this week in tuck said he even invited some he didn't like that. He got double teams that time in that game. Because he thought he gave a gave him some edges off the at certain places. I wanna see also if they moved on because I think that's critical. I think you gotta you can't stay in one place. I don't care if you're suited to play one spot. You can't stay in one place against the pats and think they're not going to block you. They are you gotta move them around. And the guys who beat them beat them, usually. With speed. They usually don't beat them with power. They beat him with speed because the pats are physical team or big team. Yeah. Beat him with speed moves. You don't beat him with the power moves. Yeah. You know, I I they were the key with the Rams the way that Rams defensive line set up to Mike is they're set up to be you from the inside. And if you wanna look at what beats Brady, and this is generally, not pressured. Soga with this seat able to get himself out of trouble. If you're coming off the edges if you come right up the middle item. That's where he's historically had trouble. And you want to go back to the giants game. What did they do at Justin talk? They move just talking inside every talk was creating problems not from the outside the inside. And that's the one thing. That's so interesting about this particular matchup is that you've got now one but two guys inside who can play inside on early downs and on passing downs. And that that right there should be vantage. Rams because that's where you get break. You get from the inside. No, quite always he wants to step up. He doesn't want to go left. And right. He wants to step up in that. And that is key. So he is the other one is the young ram quarterback. Because the x one scary part is game for me. And I think the Rams have a very good team. And they can physically stay with the pads, which is key. You gotta prove first of all that you can play physically with the past. I think the Rams can I don't think there's any question. They can..

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