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Made his major league debut in twenty eleven so it took him a few years to sort of climb the ladder he's guy grew up in iowa born in sioux city and went to high school in grimes iowa the bitch mercer is dribbled foul on the first bayside strike one pitching college university in nebraska round pick with with the pirates all the way until the trade deadline last year so from seven when they drafted him to twenty seventeen and the dodgers traded for him at the trade deadline went to the world series with the dodgers pige well on the playoffs for them oh one pitch here is hit foul off to the right out of play strike too signed by the giants fairly late this offseason and that is looking more and more like a stroke of genius bullpen would be in a bad way without his performance so far this year they've had their struggles anyway oh to mercer hits one foul again for the pirates are make it a tough on tony watson i two hitters and these guys have had good that's all game long the seven eight spots ben in some ways the hot spots in the lineup rigas with two hits plus a line out jordy mercer the guy at the plate right now three for three two singles a triple two runs scored on a run batted in he's looking pretty locked in oh two from watson mercer off the inside ninety two mile an hour fastball.

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