Rams, Amy Berman Jackson, Wikileaks discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Judge Amy Berman Jackson on Tuesday stone, pleaded not guilty to charges. He lied to congress and obstructed the houses investigation into Russian election meddling. I did not coordinate anything with the Trump campaign or with WikiLeaks in terms of their disclosures. I had a tip which turned out to be a very good one about the significance and the October timing of the WikiLeaks disclosures, but stones denials that he gave it a Thursday press conference did not relate to the special counsel seven counts against him at the White House Jon decker. Fox News excitement is building the Super Bowl fifty three just days away. Both teams the patriots. And the Rams held light Pratt. It's Thursday, which also marked the players and coaches final responsibilities with the media until after Sunday's game Rams cornerback Nicole Roby. Coleman isn't looking back or saying he sorry for committing. What should have been a pass 'interference? Call in the NFC championship that likely would have kept his team from winning and making it here only have no regrets, and we moved on. And we immediately locked in on the Super Bowl after the New Orleans game Super Bowl fifty three kicks off Sunday six thirty eastern here in Atlanta. Jared max, Fox News, and the s&p futures are mostly flat this morning slightly higher that after the S and P five hundred yesterday posted its best January and more than thirty years. Rising. Nearly eight percent for the month for the day, the S and P five hundred rose twenty three points. The Dow fell fifteen and this morning. We'll get the latest measure of economic growth has the government releases. The January.

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