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Bottom lines, but we care about our children. So we want them to have a good education. We should care just as much about the peop-. The educators who we entrust our children with every day. But I gotta tell you. I looked into pursuing teachers teaching because I'm in a dying field right now. And I'm a college graduate. But with a degree in broadcasting in order to teach I've not only have to go back to school to get a degree in education. But for most of the positions, I looked into I need a master's also for jobs that pay what at ten dollar an hour wage. I mean, there's a real disconnect here, then I don't know. How will go into teaching as a profession? Well, the call if you go it's teacher, we could help you get the cut a credential deputy. But you're right. There's something about I was aware that the truth I had to get by credentials. Right. But by what the case was was was affected by Astor's. It's a country area. And I. Suspect to test. We would be at the work that you've done it broadcast, but we are professional young with. You are are, you know, hit the tricks of the trade. There is a real class in terms of pedagogy turps of we how to communicate with kids knowing how to teach how to our, you know, how put together no turn just like other professions would say come a warriors have a law school become a downright would better. Although everybody in their brother thinks they can do a radio show and in in by way of podcast. So just say, but we go that you we go or this those that she can't, you know, at respects, which journalist do the work journalist do this country, but but it is the coat of. But like look the last coal that just out of of USA to reside these over ninety percents Fisher. So there's other jobs that would to be teaching over sixty percent. Of teachers, actually, I'd such forty percent. Teachers have to work a second job. The ultimate Lee review dot, you know, we what we pay for it and teaching has ever been values of it. It's the value the torque -ly. Is valued economically. As if we want the best of the brightest. We wanna keep the best of the brightest to bag whatever. But in a lot of these places strikes or the walkout have been about conditions. Cute. Not just this. And and and so, you know, what you're seeing is teachers actions really double responsibility about their families. But the communities which were at so proud of this absolute when I saw the news reports of the teachers in Los Angeles where an inordinate amount of the kids are on free or reduced lunch packed meal for these kids and delivered them to their homes because they knew in many cases, they were the only meals these children were gonna get these were teachers who were on strike who did this on their time. So yeah, we had actually there's a group called reclaimer school LA. It says a code of strikes that we created actually was to hope quaver school LA of help kids four date towards electric joy the strike. Well, well, well, I my hats off. Teachers, they taught me well, I wish I can repay it. And I thank you for the work. You're doing Randi Weingarten, again, you can find her on Twitter at Randi Weingarten, and the American federation of teachers. She's the president of that fine organization. They're at af T dot org. Randy thank you for calling in today. I know you you've been swamped and on top of that you're fighting this mouse of cold, I really appreciate your time. Cicle Tokyu forever. You know for sure thank you. I appreciate it. They will talk to you soon. Take care Bye-bye, Randi Weingarten. You know, when I heard the news about the teacher strike being settled, I wanted to check in with Randi who I met I met number of years ago in roots nation, and she's always been very very kind to me. We disagree politically on some things. But that doesn't get in the way because he does good work as the president of the af tea, and again has always been willing to talk, you know, the tough issues, and they they deserve. Congrats for great victory. And they'd have more fights on their hand. It's it's criminal the way we pay our teachers. It's also criminal the way, we treat our federal employees..

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