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It's hard core my favorite scene the car washing seen anyway the it was weird it was weird just to be three dude sitting in the theater and i mean it wasn't like a peewee herman deal or something like that where it was like it was just like a regular theater right they were showing it well know big big screen chairs the pussycat theater is called it was there forever and it has snack bar i mean you know eating popcorn usher maybe they had hit a flashlight though not a flashlight a couple of things mark w felt stepped forward as deep throat the secret washington post in the watergate scandal filming began all the monkeys i the first episode of the monkees tv series hayworth people think we're fooling around but we're too busy thinking friendly couple and watch us play through folks who those fellas are going out on tour the two that are still three of them are alive us who if a burger what i don't think like the third one i think that's the right the drummer circus boy why why can't we stop talking about getting away for be a little better hustle i don't torque if that's bad always a competent bass player i thought correct at badger i love the badejo beds really.

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