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Ali shuttle spilled by jay cutler beautiful call by often took four bigger mike shula and we have a new score and a new game in charlotte go to touch now appears to the tight end jay cutler to the tynan thomas boglay call as you said empty set nobody back there but jay cutler you watch blue keithly in that situation drops to about five yards deep the ins also about seven yards deep then jay cutler just starts gruber to the left shovel passed back with a lead blocker nice job i julie's tom it's getting off the ground to get the ball in the zone thomas caught his first touchdown is a dolphin last wheeze catches a second touchdown in as many games tonight albeit a twoyard plows ahead it was a ten playing seventy five yard miami drive and its tender six their waiting for the extra point and bear reviewing as they do every story to see if he indeed got across genes territories are still waiting as they review at in new york and she said even though to shovel pass accounts is a touchdown gift some people say it's kind of weak but what do you think through my 40th touchdown pass from kashmir ninety nine on a shovel passo pain they all carell camp they're not i'm going to count every single one of them were you know what it took congested area it's got to be a time solving it's a little it shows you good ball skills come commodities everything right not good clay down there because you get action going the other direction and a lot of seems open up and you just liquid in there if you can turn up the field he works lot sanjeeva cody party extra buoyed variety to i loved it is good to twelve will play in the first half he it's ten to seven carolina two teams butchered miami is right now one game a little wild card spot in the afc in second place in the nfc south is six three carolina with all of filler kurt warner kevin are one here on that granger broadcast booth in charlotte the products and services need one you need them rangers got your back to help keep your facility running granger fertile one who get it done let's go.

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