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Americans federal judge Alison Burroughs says while Harvard's admissions process is not perfect it does pass constitutional muster support on Beacon Hill for bills to improve benefits for the state's public safety officers and police firing corrections former Somerville detective Mario Olivera testifying he nearly died in twenty ten after being shot multiple times on the job he said he went back to work I eight months later to pay the bills only to have a heart attack one bill would increase compensation from seventy two percent to one hundred percent of regular pay October is breast cancer awareness month and here in Massachusetts a number of local police departments are participating in the pink patch project WBZ's are Coen explains you may see members of your local police department wearing a pink version of their department patch of this month they're part of a nationwide effort to bring awareness to breast cancer about three hundred ninety departments around the country are participating in the project including Cambridge police Cambridge officer Bob Reardon has a personal reason for participating my mother is a breast cancer survivor this is for me not only to support her but all those like her that unfortunate been afflicted by this terrible disease and to a small part to hopefully support them about any police and public safety agencies in Massachusetts are participating in the project and members of the public can buy the vibrant pink patches check with your local police proceeds will go to the cops for kids program are going WBZ boss. Stine's news radio a protester shot by a police officer in Hong Kong is arrested and charged with assault the eighteen year old student took a bullet to the chest after confronting the officer during violent pro democracy demonstrations yesterday he remains in stable but critical condition at a hospital the city's police commissioner defending the officer calling his actions reasonable the student is the first known victim of police gunfire since demonstrations began in June in Great Britain there are set to unveil the new and improved final brexit deal offered to the European Union A. B. C.'s Tom rivers is following at all with the clock ticking down toward an exit deadline of the end of the month we now entered the real deal or No deal Frankie's James cleverly the chair Britain's ruling Conservative Party this is the moment of truth this is the time this is the point at which the E. you need to recognize that if there is any movement that they can make if there is any concessions they couldn't put in place this is the time to do it right minister Boris Johnson says you'll walk away from the talks if the E. U. refuses to engage with this plan Tom rivers ABC news learned what happens when you increase the amount of vegetarian options on a menu a university of Cambridge study found the doubling the number of vegetarian options on university.

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