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And then we, you know, adapt, according to that so sure not converting because you don't have gene to see six seven seventy which you would need to make metal Tetra hydrofoil reduc tastes, the enzyme which takes the regular b twelve and makes them into middle. Then the majority of people that we see we have them give themselves methyl b twelve shots because the dose is far greater than drops under your tongue or a capsule, and nobody takes the methyl b twelve capsule or pill or liquid comes back and says they feel any different but everybody who's taken the mental b twelve shots that we give them and we teach them how to do. We'll say I can't believe how much better I feel my energy my memory, my word retrieval by focus all of these things. So it's really about your body. Not about the supplement form. And people who have the gene have to take the shots anyhow. But I yeah. Because they're gut maybe, you know, worn out on absorbing will. But we only give methyl b twelve shots to everybody. Because if you can vertu great, it's already there converted so it works right away. If you can't convert it great, it's there so worked right away. I taking either one of their. Balloting. Pab and the other others five thousand Mike Obama's of what's your homocysteine level? What is your homocysteine level? I I don't know. Well, you'd have to know that because if the b twelve that you're using isn't working you homocysteine will be high. Also, you have to test your blood for the c six seven seventeen, gene. You know? So there are more things to look at in just taking a type of b twelve and waiting to see something happened. Just like the gentleman called him before he was taking a thousand milligrams of item in see a day. But most people need to take it three times a day or sometimes two thousand three times a day to really get the the benefits. No. If magnesium oxide, not not not the best choice. But maybe he could take more of it. But it really depends on your body. You can't just say this is better than that. And that's why you know while back. I started saying, you know, it's not about the what's on the label. It's what about your your body needs in? How will you absorb? Maybe you're taking a great vitamin, but you're not taking enough of it. Maybe you're taking great vitamin you take enough that but your guts, not making enough, digestive enzymes or hydrochloric acid to kill germs in your good and help you to break down the food or the vitamin and get into your system. There's a lot of things between the pill and your hand and your blood. So, you know, I mean, that's why he's you mentioned older people need more b twelve. Well. Yeah. Because they they don't absorb well. And if you're absorbing thirty percent and kid is absorbing eighty percent. You have to use more to get that thirty percent to be a bigger number and a lot of people take a lot of b twelve in their levels are high in their blood, but their home assistance still is so they're not converting mummy test. So that's what typically happens. It happens. A lot. The that gene say something or other. Yes. Six seven seventy. Six seven seven. C six number seven number seven letter t. She six seven seven letter t t you don't want me to spill metal duct tapes. I of course, can but. MTA? That's the that's the enzyme. Gene, c six seven seventy there. Two copies of that, gene. And if you do have it you'll make methyl Tetra hydrofoil redubbed tastes, which will convert your b twelve. But if you don't have the gene you won't make the enzyme, you won't convert to be twelve. It doesn't matter which. If I'm taking the mouth of the liquid. One's not. You know generic I have no idea what your digestive absorbed ability is. So I can't answer that. I don't know if you have the gene or not. So I can't answer that. So remember, we have to go with facts from your body from blood test, the big blood tests that I do and not just try to do this or that on your own because you'll never get you'll never get results. And honestly in thirty years of.

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