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To inspire informing connect a community of entrepreneurs mark lack on business rockstars how'd you get into this space i feel like people are just wake up and become masters analytics views terada athletics yahu yes so what did you do before blitz metrics and then take back through the guinea of your story so we can figure out how he became the person that you are to do you read over three thousand thousand four thousand now out of the library as i speak english so that's how i the learn i represented californian a spelling the in 1988 fluid a decent i didn't speak english and i i was so antisocial i was so shot a lot of us a like this law damange like they feel like they have to go out and talk rolfast and shake everybody's hands and i wasn't like that and i like to be able to measure things and i knew i was good at mathematician of course but when i was in second and third grade i saw that the shack only had two or three kinds of snacks so i would go down to the local pharmacy or drugstore whatever that i would by lots of stuff and i would sell now in laters it would like the great vow harboring and banana flavored now in leaders and i would vitamin five cents and out selim at salvan and so i did arbitrage and i grew that larger and larger and then i had to use that it little database and back then it was loaded onetwothree because there wasn't windows and excel and people would start to take loans from me because you know all the camp are dollars in kenya paid when i get an allows next week ahead that's what taught me economics that's what topnotch partnership that's what taught me it wasn't how much you get paid per hour that's how much value can generate so i took that and i went to the luntz economics i went to smu i had some mentors and imagine your me you've just some kid here's selling things from a dormitory you're selling five hundred dollars day worth the stoppage got all the of the kits pissed off and then you're thinking had why scale my business i gotta deal teach are the people i've got to be able to expand the amount of shopping that i can do and i realize.

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