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Met in university so we will by studying law at the same time and we now first year and became friends and we had a lot of mutual friends and to be honest. I didn't think much of it at the time. And it wasn't until al final year. That i realized he was interested in may and that we would make quite a good match and as time went by i sort of started to think about that a bit more seriously and we had so many overlapping interests. We will both graduating at the same time. In fact we had we graduated on the same day about a week after our celebration so so things kind of fell into place in a way that really made me feel secure and safe and love in my relationship. Told me about that engagement celebration. What's that ceremony so we're boys from muslim. Lebanese families and families may through an event at the high which is an informal gathering usually at the goals house where the the future groom comes along with his family and they formally request to to marry the goal and that requests is usually communicated from one to another and capable raid a prayer which is the fact that how which comes from the koran and these opening chapter of our holy bulk and that's basically signaling intention to get married down the track. We laid a and islamic marriage ceremony which was also quite informal but did foam elisa relationship. And at that point even though we hadn't had a wedding celebration yet in terms of the islamic framework we would be considered married and that meant that we could stop planning our life together. Stop planning honey. Mirian buy a house and doing doing very sorts of things. Then we had a big wedding celebration. Which was a really typical lebanese wedding. What do you mean by. Because i had three people at my wedding amani. How many people did you have yours. So we had three hundred fifty guests and even though that seems like a big number. It was not hard to invite that many patients have big families big extended families. And when you're bringing to families together who have different who originate from different towns different villages or different communities. It's really about the two communities coming together and celebrating together so it becomes very hard to keep those numbers down about we we. We managed it in the end and it was a fun night. your family. Your parents come from village in the south of lebanon. What are your earliest memories of visiting the family village..

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