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Hey, ram alert. I look up and Greg Robinson has been flagged new. You don't say, again, you don't need to give up a sack on the play before he's as those are the two things. He's good at penalties, holding penalties that is a penalty. Greg Robinson was the number two pick overall number two overall pick, and it happens all the time. So maybe the answer is it's just it's really, really hard to get right. But how do you if you of all the football players available? You get to pick second. How do you get a guy that just flat out campway he, you know, it's funny if you lined up all of the left tackles or offense of tackles in the NFL and just did athlete drills, he would stand out. He is tremendous. He is strong. He is as strong as soon Donald. They work out with the dusty dumbbells. He is that athletic in that strong, but something happens to him when he goes on the field, his technique just goes to, you know what? Yeah, it's terrible. He. He doesn't even know how to hold properly. It's obvious when. Does there's an art to that. Play hockey, like one of the tricks that was taught to me as like when you check a guy because I'm short, then I'm short now, and so a lot of bigger guys, the pound you on the top of your head where you take a guy as you, you're going on the boards. He check them in the boards, and as you're leaving, you take the butt end of your stick and you're, you're skating away and you just take the button and you've stick it under their shoulder pads. And as you push off to go rejoin, the play you, the butt end goes up under the that hurts and it's uncomfortable and it's like bleep, you dude quit doing that. And it's it's, it's a technique. It's impossible to see, doesn't look like anything. You're not looking at the guide in swing. There is a way to cheat. Yeah, every professional receiver pushes off, it's just the good ones. It's almost imperceptible cone they're doing Hobie is a master. This kringle master est grabbing a guy where how you put an arm on all these little things that are illegal, but you can't catch him doing except Greg can't figure that out. And is it something that can't be taught or it's been, you've been through coaches that have tried like guys, I'm not saying they can't be talking not be taught to him. That's what I meant. You've been through coaches that have tried and it's it hasn't taken yet. So it's kind of flipped that the Rams coming in the last season and the Niners were expected to be at the bottom half of the NFC west that it was the Seahawks at the top, and then the cardinals had made their run that the Niners in the Rams are at the back end. And then the Rams go, eleven, five win the division. It feels like Seahawks are coming unglued. The cardinals are, like you said, kind of in a weird spot with their quarterbacks do his Co. because new head coach Sam, Bradford when he's right, which is an often. But when he is he's pretty good, doesn't make mistakes with the ball, right? Yeah, he's a Martin's. He's a pretty good football player. You get David Johnson back. So he's a fraud, ably FitzGerald still awesome. Yes, but the Niners are the ones that we keep hearing about are probably the second best team in the division, and I know that they want..

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