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Relationship with India with the Indian people in particular around public health issues. The new rules take effect next Tuesday and do not Like the U. S. Citizens try try again, they say and no giving. No details of Biden administration says it is not giving up on getting North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. A PC's Andrew Dember it in Washington administration officials confirming the White House will take eight new approach to handling the hermit nation that will quote not focus on achieving a grand bargain, nor will it rely on strategic patience. But specific details of the U. S policy on North Korea were not immediately released in listening to ABC News. California's capital city. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. I'm John Prine Iz, a three Oh two with your top local stories. California farmers are not happy. They were left out of Governor Gavin Newsom's drought state of emergency earlier this month. State Senator Andreas Board Ismet with farmers and local lawmakers on a ranch near Clovis, he says if water restrictions aren't lifted, farmers won't plant and produce supplies will shrink. If we don't be dramatic scale back of production that goes into whether or not you know we have enough high, and we also have to worry about what that means because the prices of commodities Prices will go up. The feds cut off water supplies and the state reduced allocations to 5% of normal. Fresno King's Madeira and tow Larry counties issued their own declarations of emergency, but it's the governor's power that could ease water restrictions and allow farmers to save the growing season. And men in Sacramento are less likely than women to get vaccinated against covert 19. There have been more than one million doses of the vaccine administered in Sacramento County. The latest data shows 57% of those receiving vaccines are women and 43% of men. This disparity inversely represents covert 19 death numbers by gender, with 56% of related deaths being men and just 44% women, traffic.

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