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And if you don't live there and you don't understand y'all. And you don't know your exact route long story short took us about three hours to pay six dollars and ten cents worth of tolls there in Chicago. Seventy totally six head. In the website timed out. Timed out again. And then, you know, I was you know, I had to confirm that we had all of our roads, picked out, then you the submit button, and it says the site's not working at this time. Great city, probably wouldn't wanna live, there, probably a here nightmares about the taxes. I'm not I'm not in any type of position to go into that. But yeah, so that doesn't really affect me as tourists meal, maybe paying five dollars more on my rental car as an out of town. Or maybe there's a hotel fee, that has to go to the state where they want to take the other residents. Take advantage of the forest dollars. I live right next to Scottsdale, Arizona. I don't exactly how this, so we're trying to get this back on the rails, baby. Push it in eight election of. It's sports overnight. America, those big with Sirius XM channel to eleven broadcast network. We'll be right back. Three balls. Two strikes. The why the pitch. This over in Oregon state owns Omaha and the able arm of Kevin able pleats the way with a title game..

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