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By the president himself acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney says it was chosen simply because of the best site to accommodate all seven member nations in one location when pressed by reporters of the president was worried about the impact of hearings of impropriety or profiting off the event well then he had this to say over that a long time ago he acted we absolutely if this is the best place to have it we're going to have it there and there's going to be folks who will never get over the fact that it's a trump property we get that but we're still going to go there well then you would also not save other hotels are meeting space outside to route would be used for the event Miami teenager will face charges for posting an online threat in the wake of the parkland school shooting last year judges on the third District Court of appeal rejected arguments by attorneys for the Miami lakes middle school student identified only as O. G. that since he was shot not on schools grounds a Florida law for disrupting a school function should not apply one judge laid out several examples of where student could launch any type of attack on a school are not physically being there for example throwing an explosive device into a crowded school yard the ruling comes as the bigger county sheriff is criticizing another judge's decision to dismiss a similar case were students showed his plan to shoot of a local I. school to a classmate who then reported the suspect to school officials local lawmakers are sharing their condolences after learning the loss of long time congressman Elijah Cummings democratic representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz is on the house oversight and reform committee which coming shared each of us what's on the committee and as we press forward with this it impeachment court will have to one what what we'll have to try to draw strength from from the wisdom that we benefited from for so many years she goes on to tell CNN they'll quote walking his shoes that will never be filled and Republican senator Marco Rubio sending his condolences to Cummings family on Twitter saying quote may god grant his family strength and peace as difficult moments and his soul eternal rast the Hillsborough County health department has confirmed its first case of rabies so far this year founded a raccoon in Riverview officials say a man found the raccoon attacking his dog prompting the testing of the animal no rabies alert as being is being issued since it's a single case founded in wild animal as opposed to a pad however the department is warning residents within a five hundred radius of frost acre drive to be on alert and make sure your pets are in fact vaccinated red light cameras will run the clear waters released twenty twenty four the city council voted unanimously to extend the contract with red flags for the next five years data shows of those cameras are installed in the most dangerous intersections in the city but the number of overall crashes of those has been term trending downward since twenty fifteen Clearwater police chief Dan slaughter notes read like tickets have all the more than three million dollars in revenue for the city to the cameras were installed eight years ago it's five oh five a news radio WFLA letters coming up next Wall Street barely budged despite some positive earnings reports in the deal that will see Great Britain leave the European Union the stock averages gained about it ten to four tenths of a percent the Dow rose twenty four the nasdaq thirty three the S. and P. eight worries about a slower world economy in last month's drone attack on Saudi Arabia's biggest oil processing plant words going to delay Saudi Aramco is moved to go public until maybe they did Bloomberg news says Aramco will put off the launch of the world's largest initial public offering by at least a few weeks no comment yet from the dental board of California about the lawsuit filed by smile direct club it filed suit in federal court charging dentists who serve on the regulatory board trying to hurt its business to protect their own practices and Amazon's annual holiday toy list isn't a list of the hottest toys but.

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