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Room can even get dirty and disgusting but kinda awesome to that like you see like you. Don't want the super nice pool when you're grinding. You know it's like the original rocky like you want you want to like you wanna be in the in the you know the grimy you know situation so that when you when you finally qualify for that fancy meat and you go to indianapolis and you see that incredible now to try and you're like wow right. Yeah you want to train in that fancy place. if you're like you guys are like the hickory hoosiers story. The word vay makes me very uncomfortable like i should not like. I'm just saying. I swam in the same pools or like i don't know good for katie. She's the time goat unbelievable athlete. Shit shoutout jeeze. that'd be horrible pool. Nice emma mc in australian we winningest female australian swimmer ever yet. Thank yup. I think the winning winning a swimmer. I mean the period seven medals seven gold. Yeah yeah so the most better if you have have gotten that i think we'll kale got five gold and the only other swimmers to do that are phelps and mark spitz and biondi biondi and eighty-eight right and still and then there's speedskater eric. Hi eric heiden. Yeah got my all time hero. That guy Also cool to see some new faces. We got bobby fink in the distance races which he's a guy he started the converse of katie. Like he was somebody. No one had really knew anything about who really benefited from the extra year to like hone his strength and endurance and he goes from like unknown to absolute legend. Being the first american and thirty seven years to win the fifteen hundred and then also wins the eight hundred which is cool very cool. Little sort of side anecdote with that typically. It's always been the fifteen hundred meters for the men and the eight hundred meters for the women. there has never been until this olympia. A fifteen hundred meters for the women because historically it was considered too difficult for women can't swim. It's and the fact that it took until twenty twenty one to rectify. That is out of control. Strange thing to think when a woman was one of the first people swim across the english channel anyway. The been legendary for many many years the The last person on the i know so ahead of the curve always read read things so well. I do want to spend a couple of minutes talking about this guy. Michael andrew to me kind of the most interesting curious swimmer on the olympic team. This is a guy who i mean. I've been aware of this guy forever. Because even though he's how old is he now he's like twenty two or and he's pretty young do but this is a kid who his entire life has been expected to inherit phelps Legacy because when he was a kid he broke over. One hundred national age group records like he completely rewrote all the national age group records as he grew up like basically breaking all of them. So more than any other ever has more than michael phelps. The obvious expectation is like this guy's the second coming right he's gonna come in and he's gonna crush And he failed to make the olympic team in rio. I think he was like seventeen at the time. So that makes him twenty three or twenty now by yeah So he makes the team this year and Ends up on the four by one hundred. Medley relay setting a world record so he gets a gold medal. He doesn't meddle in any in the individual event. And what makes them so. Curious is the fact that this guy has a very unique original way of training that contravenes all conventional wisdom so most swimmers swam twice a day. They're putting in anywhere between twelve and twenty thousand meters a day a lot of volume plus dry lands and you know weight room and all kinds of other stuff. He Is coached like home-schooled coach by his dad managed buys. Mom grew up in kansas swimming in a pool in his backyard. Like didn't do the club thing where you go and swim with other people like just basically was in the backyard with his dad right this single lane pool that he trained and now they live in encinitas. I think in in san diego But he's remained kind of home schooled and under his parents control control. Probably the wrong word but influence And his dad In conjunction with another coach have developed this thing called. Us rpt p. t. which stands for ultra short race pace training so whereas most farmers are training twelve to twenty thousand yards or meters day. He swimming like three thousand a day which is nothing but all of the training is at race pace. Everything is like lung-busting all out efforts approximate your your race to the extent possible. Make the most of that compress period of time and call it a day. The idea being that most swimmers are putting these junk miles or too soon back and forth in the pool. It's not really doing anything Which is you know very controversial and it's interesting to think about because on the one hand look. This guy made the team. He was won a gold medal in the four. By one. hundred medley relay. He got fourth one hundred breastroke. He's still early in his career So he's had tremendous success. But basically when i look at this particularly from an endurance athletes perspective. I see a guy who.

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