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John Elway is busy interviewing candidates for the Broncos coaching job nine news and KOA Broncos insider, Mike Klis says the Broncos talked to Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano. He says they may be looking for a coach who would welcome Gary kubiak as is offensive coordinator that forgot Gary kubiak with match up pretty well. John panel brothers got at Ben and NFL defensive coordinator. He would be the coordinator of Chuck got the job says tomorrow, the Broncos will talk to the Rams quarterback coach that Taylor. The Steelers offensive line. Coach Mike Mon Chack will be interviewed on Friday. The patriots defensive coach Bryan Flora's we'll talk with the Broncos on Saturday and the bears defensive coach Vic Fangio will meet with the Broncos brass on Monday. Colorado is seeing a spike in flu cases, Dr John Douglas's, but the Tri county health he says it's somewhat expected to set a hospitalizations record last year. We've been number one doing everything we can to get out the word about vaccination. And Dr Douglas says it's not too late to get a vaccination Saturday Night Live comedian, Pete Davidson is getting back on the stage, and he'll be in Denver. This week Davidson is doing three nights at the comedy works in Denver this weekend. But all but one show is already sold out. Tickets are only available for the midnight show on Friday night Davidson, put to put on two sold out shows in Massachusetts on New Year's Eve during them. He talked about his ex fiancee, Arianna 'Grande. He also took jabs a comedian Louis C K and accused him of trying to get him fired from SNL for smoking marijuana. This news is brought to you by bright health. Our next update is at five o'clock. I'm Karen, Trinidad on KOA NewsRadio. Eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM. Getting a good look at a bad crash.

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