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Of the book in Arabic on sale in Muscat International Airport must got capital of Oman. I believe it's capital unclear how it came to be stocked in the store we apologise sincerely on behalf of local operator and Muscat and the book is being removed immediately W H Smith has strict guidelines of the books itself in it is against our policy stock books which Incite Literature Unquote Denver Real Estate Team has apologized following the release of a video that was criticized as being tone deaf regarding gentrification and culprit cultural appropriation. The video was published by team Denver homes showing a group of white people dancing can sing a parody of the opening theme of the fresh Prince of bel-air shown in one thousand nine hundred outfits in several central Denver neighborhoods. You wouldn't know them if I tell them told you what they were while the original video was deleted it still circulating social media some criticized the video for appropriating back black culture by showing exclusively white people dancing and singing in a hip hop video that is a parody of a show about a black family which I believe was written by white people. I couldn't be sure our video was pretended to be whimsical and fun. Incorporating an economy childhood show we truly meant no harm to anyone we sincerely apologize for those who were offended by it said more Zucker and Michelle Chair Gelo and team Denver homes the lyrics include this is a story all about how he turned the real estate market upside down. I E gentrification Sieber Cedar rapids. The organizers climate change protested last weekend's gathering a presidential candidates is apologizing for incorporating a symbol evoking America's violent racial passed a hangman's noose into his demonstrations Ed Fallon former former Democratic State representative apologized for quote a lapse in judgment who knows what a noose means these days dalen Rutland Vermont after posting contentious meam on his facebook page. Alderman Paul Clifford issued apology. Many of you have seen the controversial mean. I'm willing to apologize. I'm writing to apologize to anyone I may have offended to explain my thoughts. The main features a black and white photograph of a woman and three children all with Pale skin dressed in dirty clothing standing in a kitchen quote white privilege the ability to suffer life's universal indignities without blaming another ethnic group unquote the caption he said reactions to his post have been an educational experience. A candidate for the Hinds County Board of Supervisors Mississippi apologized for comment he made months ago. Malcolm Johnson is not against women being supervisors and not even against women being president of the United States in February he had said during a radio show that he had. I heard that Rukia Lumumba the sister of the Jackson Mississippi Mayor was considering running for supervisor. What you need to do to learn to be a woman supervisors man's job? He said back then he's apologized for oh. There's so many more but that's all the time we have for the apologies. The week copyrighted feature this broadcast <music> give you some idea Bulgaria's finance minister apologized after admitting hackers stole millions of taxpayers financial data influencers with half a million subscribers apologized vice for mocking an airline flight. He depicted in a video like that the C._E._O.. Of Jewel apologized to parents of teens somehow got addict developing those are the Best Anyway Ladies and gentlemen having skimmed through who the ones that didn't quite make the cut that will conclude this edition of the show program it turns next week at the same time on these radio stations and at the time of your choice on your on your device vice of choice choice would be the occasion you can draw from that and would be just like having less choice if you rejoin already. Thank you very much <music> <music> one thing more. The president played host sweet woman won the Nobel Well Peace Prize after Isis attack people some of that jobe ABC's dries find a safe. All this happened to me. They kept my mom my uh-huh bradberry they left behind they kill me. It's called paying attention Timoshenko to the San and Eagle Pittsburgh Chicago in Hawaii desks next to pam hosted and Thomas Wall Shear W._w._f.. New Orleans for help with today's program the email address for this thing playlist of music heard here on your chance to get cars I._T.. Cars I talked t shirts all Harry RESHARE DOT COM and I'm on twitter at the Harry Shearer..

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