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Jimmy Hoffa was born in nineteen thirteen and he grew up fast. He was seven years old when his father other died of lung disease likely poisoned by years of work in the coal mines. Brazil Indiana Jimmy learned early. How hard life could be on a working family? His mother moved Jimmy and his three siblings to Detroit where she hoped to find work when he was fourteen. Jimmy dropped out of school and got a job as a stock boy boy department store and then a few years later came the crash. People were in misery economic misery that's industrial relations professor Merrick Masters. You know you look at it. You had a third of the nation on employed you had had the recovery which was under way then but not one that it was nearly as impactful enough to bring us back to where we were before the depression and people were very insecure. You're and they were struggling on a day-to-day basis. So the future. Look too many of them very unpromising. A friend of the Hoffa family told Jimmy. You should get the job in the food business. Everybody's GonNa always eat so. He kind of talked his way into a job at the Kroger Company. He was sixteen years old but convinced them. He was eighteen and got a job on the loading dock. The voice you're about to hear next is an actor but the words are Jimmy. HOFFA's from an autobiography released a few months after we disappear we will paid thirty two cents. An hour problem was that we only got paid for the time actually work during twelve hour shifts. And sometimes we'd sit around for five or six hours waiting to be called for a forty eight hour week. We could make fifteen dollars and thirty six cents but the trouble was we had to put in seventy. DT Eighty hours to get in those forty eight hours and those were long hard hours laboring under a foreman who was a tyrant a solid gold son of a bitch. Actually really he was called the little bastard. By all the men this guy was a real sadist thoroughly enjoyed screaming out commands and then cursing a man and threatening threatening to fire him. If he didn't move quick enough it was a little tin Jesus in the warehouse. The only time he smiled one he had fired somebody quickly. We began to talk union with the night crew. Although we knew we would have to wait for exactly the right moment. A Little Basset helped more than he knew early one morning and May. Am One thousand nine hundred. Eighty one two waiting workers went outside to eat at lunch cut when they came back. You fire them. In front of the whole crew mm-hmm several nights later came the perfect opportunity for Hoffa to air the worker's grievances some cold storage box cars carrying fresh strawberries robberies had just arrived at the warehouse once the cars were open and the strawberries were exposed to the air. They would start to spoil immediately where it was passed around among long the men to follow our lead. We waited until we unloaded less than half the strawberries. And I put down the crate. I was carrying and walked to the other end of the dock. The rest of the one hundred and seventy five men in the crew put down their crates. Two and stood around little. Bastard couldn't believe as I turned turn white and then red and I thought hopefully he was going to have a heart attack and he started screaming. But the hell you guys think you're doing it back to work out dammit or every one of your best defiant hell with you I shouted. We want Mr Bluff. Mr Bluff is the night warehouse manager. Here's here's this ruckus happening out on the loading docks Jimmy Hoffa who now is actually eighteen. Years Old is speaking for the whole group demanding changes he gets a meeting with program management and negotiates our one page contract which in Detroit at the time was a major achievement management agreed to work out a call time and guaranteed it at least a half day's pay they also set aside and eating room for the workers and deprive the foreman of the right to summarily fire. Any worker and so began again. Jimmy Hoffa's career as a labor organizer and next thing I did was to bring the men on the day shift into our little union and in these efforts and in the continuing meetings with Kroger officials I began to learn the basics of union. Work that when you talk to workers you better look them in the eye and know what you're talking about it because they pretty quick Telefoni word spread pretty fast. This muteness little group known as the Strawberry Boys let by a kid eighteen year old Jimmy Hoffa author for Hoffa. It would never be this pure again. 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Century was for men who drove wagons pulled by horses but then came the motorized truck. Union membership began to grow though it was still small in one thousand nine hundred eighty two. They're only one hundred thousand teamsters nationally. Let me five hundred in Detroit. Office jobless simple get those numbers. At first job was organizing the rest of Kroger's workers there are about four hundred and various other departments beside the loading dock and got them all and it was at Kroger's that I went through my first strike. It was a long one and the company has all of them. Did in those days sent a wave of strikebreakers against us. We had a number of knockdown bloody battles and six times. I was beaten up up. My Scalp was laid open wide enough to require stitches after organizing. Kroger Hafa set out to recruit big rigged drivers who hold new cars from Detroit to dealers all across the country. I I tried to talk to them at the loading docks like most. Everybody Else Elson those hard times. They were afraid of management and losing their jobs so I devised a new plan of attack. I hit the highways route to to buffalo pillow old. US SIXTY CLEVELAND US one twelve to Chicago and US tend to the various leading the nail them at a truck stop or when they pulled over to the side of the road for that those guys were perpetually tired and most of them could have slept the clock around so they had a trick of lighting up a cigarette and then they'd fall right off to sleep. Wake up when it began scorching fingers. Usually they slept with a tire iron and the other hand. This was the middle of the depression and it was their defense against looters and hijackers. Hustle learned how to Wakeup napping drivers. He would tap on the window and then jumped back so we didn't catch a tire iron in the head and then he'd launched into his Spiel commiserating over low pay bad working conditions no job security but the companies knew what. What's going on one day spotted a rig parked off the highway in a lonely stretch of road pulled in behind? It walked up to the cab when I couldn't open the door or a yelled. Hey are you awake door shot open to goons carrying blackjacks. Piled out right on top of me and never had a chance. They beat me right into into the ground..

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