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But i in in in fairly and i don't know i i know you. You just start playing dynasty. But i feel like i've done that at the receiver position more than a done it at the running back position. And i think you can speak to this dude. There's disparity in dynasty between those two positions. Yes and and that might be the way you would wanna flip it. You would wanna go young receiver position. I don't know. I've got a lot to figure out and and i'm wondering i'm curious about when trading starts after we've got a team How i'm gonna handle all these trade offers you know is going and i can tell these guys own multiple multiple team so it It it's intriguing it's a. It's a little bit overwhelming. And and i can see why people that are good added. Just absolutely love it as he says. Unless we're fans football's all about. He's getting on the phone just like real general manager years ago and He's he doesn't know he's real general manager now he sent an email. But that's the way those guys were good emails and zoom totally true We're gonna close her. Show one last thing i want to pick. Your brain about is t. y. hilton signing in indianapolis if they one year ten million dollar contract eight million is actually guaranteed now. The colts interviewed and talk. Sammy watkins after he talked to baltimore. The previous states now's to come to fruition. They didn't walk ins they in intended or they ended up signing T y hilton so you look at what carson wentz is throwing through in indianapolis next year. It's going to be way t way hilton. See me michael. Pittman is going to be ohio. State product parris campbell. And of course zach. Paskal who i think is being underrated in best ball dress right now Hilton is going to be thirty one years old. This is his pants season with the colts. He had zero touchdowns coming into week eleven. He ends up finishing the season with five touchdowns so obviously came on strong at the end So you look at t y hilton with carson wentz. This year as opposed to philip rivers. And i'll tell you this right now f. fcc have and they had been drafting t. y. Hilton i i would expect this to go off You know as we look forward here but see why wide receiver fifty eight in the sixteenth round fair word. He finished among wide receivers this year in in fantasy. Is he top thirty five receiver or is that being a little bit too aggressive. You know. I think that's easy what he does. I think we have a player. Here that has physical problems at start of the year and also had the problems in that rivers moves through his progressions too much. These guys were not a natural fit rivers had basically. Sometimes you can is season quarterback. You can move through those too fast. Also rivers has a very slow. Release this this player needs what carson wentz has to create Extended plays and when he finds them to to release the ball a quarterback. This is the greatest thing to happen for this quarterback to possibly could and it's it's really a it's good for it's good for the player. It's good for The team i think everybody is happy. This came together now player is understand it lessen very substantive money on the table so ty l. despite the fact that this deal sounds good to us he. Elton is doing whatever fantasy player would like to see a player. Do here at thirty one years old. He is betting on himself. And i would say anyone in the fantasy world Should bet on t. y. Hilton to have very very good year. And then you know. They've got room for more receivers there. You're right Pascal parris campbell They got some things to prove and they might develop with this quarterback..

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