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He has baby Yoda and Cody's wish in the forgo. Channel maker, the 2019 winner of the sword dancer is back for another try and this year's renewal at Saratoga today. And he has long shot Gilded Age in the traverse stakes and then speakers corner the morning line favorite in the Pat O'Brien. So it is a busy day, but that's nothing new for the Hall of Famer who has saddled more than 5200 winners in his stellar career and still going strong. And I know he's looking forward to his son Riley getting a start on his own going out on his own coming up very, very soon. All right, Bill Matt set to join me here in just a few minutes. We'll get a hold of him. As we await bill on a very busy morning, I told you at the top of the show that today's Travers very well May and probably should. Decide a three year old championship. If not, if not a definitive three year old champion, it certainly should give us a FrontRunner. To win the three year old championship because outside of modon ago, who is sidelined with bone bruising, the bell mount winner. And taba, you really have all the major players competing in the travelers later today. And I posed this question and I'm going to pose this one to Dale Romans and Tim wilkin coming up at ten 30 eastern as well. I asked them, I said, you know, I'm going to ask them a victory by rich strike. Rich strike, the 81 Derby upsetter, a victory by rich strike in the traverse today. Is that enough to thrust him to the forefront? In the three year old champion conversation. I don't know if it's cements a three year old title for rich strike. If he wins today. But it certainly narrows that field down. In my opinion. The only horse in the traverse. With two grade one victories on his resume is not epicenter, it ain't zanden in an 8 early voting. And it's

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