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On their suresh you will suggest could help them but maybe there's something on a practice or some assignment execution that berkshire to stop trusting um but he this is counter was a hit the monuc cobsy growth of the top three or so players wanting to network trust beyond that uh i tell you off was are we gonna move onto philly 76 are obviously getting a lot of concern were been symbols a lot of attention with marco not positive potential right now hopefully that resolves itself for the good way enjoy it would be playing regularly so far apart from not of being cleared for backtoback shot a start off with three straight losses at washington homework shas bassem met toronto three could be onetwothree in the east right there said nothing to be ashamed a win at detroit a law threats as houston a greg did you get a chance to see the last position of their lost the houston i saw the highlight but at on the guest saw what you saw so uh eric gordon hit the game winner they were down to like five or six seconds left in james harden dribbles the ball straight the air gordon dwell beat recognized from the getgo a closeout gordon there is zero chance gorgeous give that shot off and days harden grabs drove leads jersey interns him away from gordon unbeatable gotta him the way it was like one of those obvious off at the fouls i've ever seen the other obvious one was i was impressed with kabbah lunatics defense from one of the final positions against the wizards uh he played over gor touchscreen very effectively in the basically make were taught tackle the go other three court taught will tackle anybody pie but uh anyway whether they be dallas for the point as that they've lost four games of one two but had that off at the foul on harden he called dead be off to his spree in three star in her i restate it was a good start apart from his turnover through obese playing extremely well also tweeted this out from the podcast twitter kilt today uh lebron james have been simmons with only two players to produce one points forty rebels afford is this the first six mbd gates two players have done that lebron james.

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