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As we countdown to kickoff of week eleven and our tour continues at Mercedes Benz stadium where the falcons at four and five take on the Cowboys at four and five as well. And here is Jeff Zell Jeff good afternoon. How you doing? I'm doing just great. The falcons were doing great until last week. Yes, they are really Dr Jekyll mister high team. Let's say this. This is an elimination game. Let's face that whoever goes before and six is Al Dallas is not one two in a row this year last week. They got their first road win. Now, we're talking about the jecklin high chain. Yes, the Jones our Dr Jekyll against the NFC. They play with precision like doctor there too and one against the NFC south there too and one against the NFC east, in fact, if they win today that means you're Rian wanted to see NFC, but you know, what they're Mr Hyde and all the worst impulses come out against the AFC. Oh and three they lost at home to the Bengals. And they lost on the road to the Browns. That game was the Browns. Biggest. Since two thousand fifteen niche ran all over them. He hawked pass all over them. Twenty carries one hundred seventy six yards and a touchdown. Three catches thirty three. Touchdown. You better bet reg, it's going to be as equal Elliott left Ezekiel Elliott, right? Ezekiel Elliott up the middle Ezekiel up down everywhere. That's what they're going to do today. Now, there's no Dion Jones, even though he's off. I are. He's still an active talk is get Matt Ryan back. You will kick Georgia to Vecchio was great in his absence. And remember the Cowboys do not have Sean Lee. But remember last year? The south is the Cowboys played at Mercedes-Benz at the time time of year and the falcons really turned it around in that game. I was getting lost. Devante freeman. They had a great game. Cowboy started with a very impressive scoring drive in the falcon shut him down after that. Yeah. They won twenty seven seven last year. And obviously that was a springboard in the second half. Again, both teams no margin for error. Here. You talked about Ezekiel Elliott coming off a one hundred fifty yard rushing day in a touchdown. But Amari Cooper has certainly giving them another guy to balance things out as much as you said, they might focus on Zeki will Elliott Amari Cooper in this one, you know, going up against another former Alabama receiver Julio Jones how much of a spark do you think there is Cooper in his new home? Well, obviously with land is secondary. It's always a potential for someone to have a career game. Let's face it. I mean, both safeties are out Ricardo Allen this out. And we know that the falcons aren't near as good without their quarterback on defense Kiana dealers out. They don't have the Jones playing in the middle. True flop and offered have really had a lot of really bad games. These two guys with the top two picks a couple of years ago. True funding Dont'a Pro Bowl level last year. He got hurt. He just hasn't been. In the same coming back. I mean, you're right. I think they will try to establish the runs. Remember the falcons really shutdown Barclay with the giants and they've shut down Adrian Peterson with the Redskins. But then shut came back and just kill them. The running back out of the back sealed every week has career days against the falcons. And so we went to secondary going Amari Cooper. We'll be something the Cowboys will do. So they're going to have to weapons and how they mix it up. And what they can do is obviously like it did against the Redskins. They look great. Now, we got fourteen points on the roads with team that six and three they play like did against the Browns. They're gonna lose back to back road games though for the Cowboys coming off the emotional win last week over Philadelphia. You know, how do they respond? Well, you know, you always wonder about that. Because you so, you know, hey, things are pros. They both four and five. This is a do or die elimination game. They gotta get up. But on the other hand as you said they had this emotional win against division rival the eagles human beings. And look there's a lot of controversy in Atlanta. This week. I don't know if nationally how are you guys are on it. Let's laundry Campbell came out and said he's been new quarterback on defense with a Ricardo Allen out. And he said, hey, I think a lot of guys didn't give full effort because they took the Browns for granted that it's just a talking point this week. And I I give kudos for that. 'cause Atlanta it's a sports town where people can get away with not giving their all. And the sports media is very very meek doesn't do anything not like New York or Boston or San Francisco or Detroit or Chicago, really anywhere. And he came on he said and he didn't back down. And it was clear that there were guys that did not put forth the kind of effort that they should've had out there. They were not up to the game say how could they not be up for a game? It was an elimination type of game when you're four and four, but they weren't up for it. So you can never guess what's in the heart. If somebody remembers way back when the falcons were were three hundred five hundred or I said to you. Hey, the road back when the two home games. Against you know, at what gets the giants and the other game against the buccaneers. Then split on the row. Now, you would've said if they do that we're happy with that. But then you saw the play great against the Redskins. So you're now expecting more and they just completely lay in Eric against the Browns. So now, you're disappointed, but it'd been backwards. They lost a close game to the Redskins. And then beat the Browns you'd say, okay. They're on their target. If they got to win this game to get five five and they have New Orleans on the road on a Thursday. They have one more loss left. You can't expect to get in any worse than ten and six. So they play Thursday on the road that should be one game where they say we might not win this game. One more thing. Obviously Matt Bryant you said he's back today. Giorgio tobacco Vecchio is an active with Brian's age, despite the fact that how good he's been do. They view Vecchio as the successor. You know, I really don't think. So they look at it that way because if they did they might have just kept Vecchio going. I mean, the thing is how do you hide a second kicker. Do you keep the second kick or you don't do it in a fantasy young? You don't do it in the NFL either. So what what's going to happen? I mean, he has looked great right? You don't feel any sense of diminishing returns when you have to Vecchio in there. But the reality is not Bryant's one of the greatest kickers in the history of this league. He's been unbelievable falcons. They've got him under contract. They're paying him. Certainly think of Matt pliant can't go they're gonna wanna use Vecchio. That's why I think they didn't just cut tobacco. They've they've got a kick on me and acted. How often do you see that? With a backup kicker stays on the inactive list because they know he'd be snatched up, but certainly Bryant can't go. Yeah. You go to Vecchio, but the Matt Bryant, you know, as long as she's able to get out there and kick he hasn't missed a field goal this year. Well, he helps being indoors Jeff. We'll touch base after kickoff. Thanks for checking. Thank you. Bye. Jeff Zell in Atlanta Cowboys and falcons getting ready to go. Also, another half hour away, the buccaneers and the giants the G men looking for back to back wins and Mike Mancuso checks in from MetLife stadium. Mike good afternoon and high rich, I think you and I are ready to go and give good effort. Right. I hope so. If not we might not be back. Anyway, just you know, weatherwise just to kick kick it off with this rich. It's, you know, low forties not much wind at this point. If it was a four o'clock game. It would be different. So conditions are pretty good for this game between the giants and Tampa Bay. I would think so and a lot to get to in this one the giants coming off the win in San Francisco a much needed one. But two franchises really struggling right now and desperate and you have a big injuries Levada David out today for the buccaneers which may be opened up a little more than the passing game. Especially for the tight end in the giants. You would think, but at this point, you know, whether or not whoever's playing or not playing I'm looking forward to seeing Jason Pierre Paul go against his former team, but you look at the numbers in the nine games. Tampa Bay is given up thirty points plus in six of the games. So, you know, whoever they've been dressing whoever's missing this defense has. Not played. Well, he played well last week and losing to Washington sixteen to three but for the giants, and I I might be off by a point or two but whenever the giants offense onto LA. Manning is played against the team that on average allows thirty points a game. They seldom reach thirty points on the offensive event. Having said that I think the giants do have significant amount of confidence coming off that Monday night game with the last minute drive to to pull it out. Get them their second win. And I think they're really concentrating on trying to win a home game four at home. They haven't really been dominant home team since this building opened up in twenty ten. In fact, you have thirty four and thirty four so yes, I think that the bucks defense poses opportunities or presents opportunities for the giants. But you have to remember the giants and their offensive line which played decently last week away management sacked thirty two times. And that is a staggering number. Almost a staggering is the amount of turnovers. Tampa Bay has so. You know, who knows where this game goes as you mentioned the sax adding up and the offense of lion being what it is. And you also mentioned Jason Pierre Paul coming back to face his former team that was a big storyline throughout the week. It seemed it was a little animosity or a little tension between the two sides is the way it ended. He was just shipped off. And that was it goodbye. Thanks for everything. We'll see soon and here he is today. Yeah. And you know, don't let the door on the way out. But I I think though, he, you know, he JP did have a little fun with that, you know, talking about how much he respected Eli manning. And but that he was coming after. But he made it clear to heal. I was one of the guys that texted him, and they reached out after the trade and he's had a good year. I mean, you know, they'll wind them up all over the place. But I think that the giants, and they sold their have to really be prepared because I think AP's going to be really pumped leaving an impact on this game today. So I think the giants would be wise to watch out for him. And you know, what's interesting is you do your homework for the gaming easy with the bucks done on offense piling..

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