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Heavy and that's a bad spot on. A good day so, it starts at page mill you'll hit. Another slowdown Cupertino, a second, crash southbound before wolf road that's in the center divide heavy through that. Area as well San Leandro cleared a crash five eighty westbound past a hundred and fiftieth out of the left. Lane that's why it's heavy from two thirty eight where it's normally really good Richmond accident eighty eastbound at Richmond Parkway motorcycle down at least the second lane, from the, left block than a Berkeley, crash eighty westbound past Ashby reportedly in the right lane That's why that closure in Richmond. East, five eighty at eighty the right lane closed I tried to, head out towards the shore freeway, because of an accident in. The one o'clock hour big oil spill, quite the cleanup that needs to. Be done there and it's getting heavy in Marin but. San Rafael a new accident watch out one zero one, southbound past freightage is. Just happening blocking the left lane your next update for twenty eight on the traffic leader KCBS job again for the Sienese, Sleepworld six day forecast Mancini's Sleepworld invites you to rest easy during their triple. Bonus mattress sale visit Sleepworld dot. Com we're seeing sunshine, for. Most of the bay area this afternoon. The exception being stretches, of the coastline that have seen nothing. But grey all, day temperatures, ranging from the low sixties Cosi to the low nineties now inland tonight. Cloudy skies at and near the coast otherwise fairly clear with those temperatures in the fifties tomorrow we're going to. See some morning fog at the coast afternoon clearing just about everywhere temperatures tomorrow potentially a little bit warmer but in about the same Bracket. As we move into the weekend looks like waiting to cool. Things off a little. Bit for Saturday and Sunday fact sunny looks to be the coolest day of the week warmer temperatures, again on Monday and Tuesday it's hit ninety one and conquer it and it's the only city among, our reporting stations, that made it. Into the nineties today. Seventy four and Napa eighty four in Santa Rosa in downtown San Francisco at sixty to sixty six in Oakland sixty seven in Mountain View and Eighty-one in San Jose we have traffic and weather together on the eighth on all these one zero, six nine and AM. Seven forty KCBS KCBS news time four twenty seventeen years in. The planning the Salesforce transit center and downtown San Francisco opens, next weekend and one of its crowning glories as a five point four acre rooftop. Park, KCBS reporter, Holly Kwon joined a public sneak peek, of the the sanctuary in the urban jungle grass..

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