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Locked up one ten in Chelmsford up to a left lane break down before we were in St miking WBZ's traffic on the three is twelve clear skies as we head through the evening it will be a chilly night though about fifteen downtown a little colder than that in the suburbs the sun starts to sob tomorrow temperatures near thirty clouds will increase later in the day and then the snow arrives comes in late tomorrow afternoon or early evening so turning to sleet and rain in the city on the coast but even sections will stay snow a lot longer in fact some areas may stay phone the whole time accumulations one to three in the city three to six northwest one twenty eight and outside of the of the northern most county hills and into the monadnock region could be eight inches maybe slightly more than that when all is said and done Sunday's couple of snow flurries or rain overly and then some breaks out in the afternoon temperatures upper thirties inland forty four downtown this is WBZ news radio ten thirty with the news watch never stop good afternoon I'm Ben Parker here the five things you need to know at four forty five well it's called now stalled will come in tomorrow and there could be several inches well north and west of Boston winter returning are around here some additions to president trump's impeachment defense team former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz and former independent counsel Ken Starr along those that'll be helping out the trial for the president's starts the Senate on Tuesday only crosses five women's rowing team members along with the culture still hospitalized in Florida after this week's van crash that killed one student wanted students injured was released from the hospital last night after two weeks of jury selection and our why Steve Harvey Weinstein's rape trial is now completed testimony set to begin next week researchers called off for more victims of deadly avalanche added within California ski resort this happened at squaw valley alpine meadows Dr Mike powers is with the placer county sheriff's office is an area of the resort where the band ski area and at this point there's no reason to believe that any other area of the resort or alpine meadows.

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