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Pop. That's a reference ladies and gentlemen this horrible. You're listening to pandora. my name is love. We got team supreme with us us unpaid bill back. Who has looked new. We haven't seen you in a while. You're i cleaned your sound like a members only jacket. You have a new girl for those. You born on bumble agra friend. Oh okay what's one. As and he used to have multiple to say that is the only reason why you would blit ran new right now like i have two things that i can't look like shit. I'm a great well enough to go things like no. No no is glowing. He's flow and that's by Have a suit in my car. Okay good thank you. Wow okay boss bills here and also look as good as i do. Find tikolo is somewhere handling He's getting in shape getting married Leading tuxedo ladies. Gentlemen i'd i have to say that Our guest today. is literally love At least sixteen. At least yeah. I think he might be i Diamond artist of a non greatest hits or or accomplish to ever be on the show Grammy award winning a baby. I'm i'm sure august. Here's a. b. c. search. Yeah no i. I get it i get it but i have to say that For for the last twenty five years or twenty plus years. I won't. Our guest has been entertaining. Millions and millions Initially as a frontman of hoodie and the bluefish and now as artists zone right ladies and gentlemen please welcome to cross love. Supreme darius rucker. Anyway how are you today. So i'm good man. Y'all doing i'm good. I'm good not bad. I like this really. But i gotta i gotta say that you know for a lot of the guest of the show Many of which have had careers in foreign almost five decades You're probably the first act that i don't know intimately at as in like the back of my hand but i'm very curious about your journey horn your your your whole life span. It's like i. I know of you. I know of your music. But i'd never know of you as a person and you're beginnings so i know that you're You're born in charleston south carolina. Yeah just the this little neighborhood Civil six kids in. Oh dad one really round a lot if at all and just Had you lived in this little a great neighborhood. We had our neighborhood with the small houses and we had the products behind us. And you know we fought every day and it was one of those things but ever. Since i was evidence i heard al green at the four. All i wanted to do was be a singer at that rose for me. There was nothing else i ever wanted to do. I i have to say I think a year ago. I did a show in charleston and i didn't realize how close to new orleans it's almost like a a cut up. It almost felt. Like i was in new orleans french quarter. How long has it always had that. That sort of veivers this tallest. It's always been that way. We've always said that we would like new orleans cousin. You know and Because new orleans is one of my favorite cities. And i went there. I was like oh i would almost consider like if i had to be one of those people that migrates back down south later years like i consider this and considering what the rest of the united states heard or knows about charleston china and still save it. That's how great my time was in the weekend there so i i didn't realize that it's a great city a musical city or musicals new orleans but it from us cities music everywhere you know. There's always bands playing and just always something to do with music for sure who is notable south carolina folks so thinking about chris. Rock chris. raba musical. There's you know ruckus You know who the James brown's from like north ago was born in north augusta. Or something but he lived in in augusta. So that was. He's really known to be more from georgia right. But georgia was charleston. Oh i'm probably two hours from georgia to our. Yeah from augusta you still there Yeah i thought i lived. I lived in city for a couple of years was making. R&b record turn of the century lived here but battle. I love on the turn of the century. Okay in ossified seventeen years ago. Stop no more years so you said that Your first musical memory was out green. What was it about The his voice. Of course i mean you know and those records. Those records are willing to police. Were so still when. I put him on a day. They're the soundest mom. Algren was a favourite. And so when he well i just wanted to be algorithm. Like one of the worst days of my life was when my voice changes. My voice changed. And i tried to signal green song cry out. He didn't initially sort of not soprano. Alto again yeah. Registered all that stuff. Yeah my voice changed and went straight though baritone and very true true you just changed with So it was your family musical as well or was it. Just you yeah. My family was a big time in church musical. Everybody singing church. My dad had a had a little. A gospel group and believing the gospel was named the ruling. He went around much. Oh actually the way. I heard the way the my relationship with my dad was every sunday morning on. Wbal in charleston. The rolling.

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