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Since you're the world expert and While in many things but one of them phosphine would technically be correct to call you. The queen of phosphine go for dr phosphine queen. Anne an inherited title. I feel for you still rule by A love and power so but while having the doctor title kindness kindness in september twenty twenty you co authored a paper announcing possible presence of phosphine in the atmosphere of venus and That it may be a signature of extra terrestrial life maybe big maybe there was some pushback of course from the scientific community that followed friendly loving pushback Then in january. Another paper from University wisconsin. I believe confirmed the finding so. Where do we stand in the saga in this mystery of what. The heck is going on On venus in terms of phosphine in terms of aliens he. Let's try and break it down. The short answer is we don't know i think you and the rest of the public are now witnessing a pretty exciting discovery but as it evolves as it unfolds We did not wait until we had years of data from ten different instruments across several layers the atmosphere we waited until we had two telescopes our with independent data months apart. But still the data's week it's noisy delicate. It's very much at the edge of instruments sensibility. Not and so. We still don't even know if it is phosphine. We don't even really know if the signal is real. People still disagree about that and i think it more philosophical end of how this happened. I think it is a distinction and myself another co-authors. We're talking about this. So distinction between hypotheses generation and hypothesis testing now hypothesis. Testing is something that.

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