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The work near 4 10 has a single lane getting you buy that South bound backup is all the way to the Beltway. It's going to start backing up onto the Beltway soon, North bound delays coming from 4 50 toward 4 10 again, a single lane getting by in each direction route to between Magothy Bridge Road. And Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard. You're still under police direction. They're doing some emergency work because of an accident that brought down a pole in some wires in the roadway. 1 97 Year Mitchellville Road was a report of a wreck and getting across the Bay Bridge. Still seeing the delays the beginning of the bridge, the eastbound span. The left Lane of two is blocked with the work, but the westbound span is currently running Two way traffic. Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge doing their normal work with traffic alternating across the bridge to get by route for between Brickhouse Road and Chesapeake Beach, the utility where Is under police direction You'll also find in Virginia North bound 3 95. The earlier delays Tor Detzel Road have eased near King Street. The work was reported in the right lane South bound 23 95 the ramp Edsel Road, the broken down vehicles along the right side and 17 year would place the left side was blocked with the crash. Also, callers checking in on the Fairfax County Parkway North bound your pope's head road. The right lane was getting by the work. D lt and its channel partners have the solutions federal agencies need on the contract vehicles. For this fiscal year end visit. Deal t dot com slash fast today to learn more. That's lt dot com slash fast. I'm Rita Kessler. W T OBY traffic. All right. Storm team forced Chuck a little warmer and a little more human today, huh? Yeah, just to touch the humidity is going to be on a slow but steady increase between now and about Friday morning,.

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