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Because every story has a flip side and you know it is time of the year for Sniffles what exactly is the virus that's making you sick researchers in Scotland took a survey of the viruses in the respiratory tract of thousands of patients to map out the fire real ecology the viral eco system in those patients lungs and it turns out that if you have the flu you are less likely to also be infected with the cold virus joining me now to talk about this is C. Minnick bash a researcher in the MRC university of glass go center for virus research in glass co UK welcome to science Friday doctor Nick bash hi IRA thank you so much for the invitation to speak to you thank you very welcome to listen on this I think we all agree that getting the flu is bad news especially if it's bad enough to make you go see the doctor but you found that there might be a hidden plus side to this yep well ours but the is the first time provides ripoff quantitative evidence that raw interactions among the viruses are known to viruses including knives are responsible for the common cold what you want ME said in this hypothesis is something that so not new news it's been around for decades but we don't really have the right past quantitative evidence now study and allowed us to really test that question do you have any idea why if you have the flu you have the flu virus you don't come down with a cold flu the cold to his illness yeah wow effect good question so I'll just stop on a explaining that we based on our date so we don't actually know what the direction all of the relationship is likely to be but we do believe based on the data that we have that it is more likely that it's the flu that blocks the cold common cold virus rhino virus because we see it happen each yes to each winter season one a bar with the white at the time the the few bars peaks me even saw this during the summer wave off the two thousand nine flu pandemic which is unusual yes for fleas there are others that I've thought about the relationship the other way around based on that same pandemic here is a three hour day two is really suggesting that the relationship is likely to be the all the way round and say these cold viruses well they they tend to be more miles in certain individuals and then but the very young population for example if your immuno compromised then you cannot you suffer from a more severe type of illness compared to say the average person could it be that they should have to viruses one they're competing and your body for resources and if you get the the flu first it sort of muscles out the cold virus gear that they serve a fact so the questions that we're interested in because you see we and by we I mean that biologists naked immunologists we tend to study pathogens as individual infectious.

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