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But do you feel any apprehension of any moments? We go maybe we should stop. Maybe we shouldn't be messing with this. Hang that. It's so strange. There are moments when the phenomena it engages back with you. And sometimes I think in those moments there's a sort of like like that kind of feeling like oh my God. You don't really, but for me, it's always prompts, my fascination constantly. So it it just kind of continues to fuel me. But they're definitely been moments. Where have been like this is too much? This is way too much. Like, I I will have to go take take a five and kind of like, you know, sit down alone and try not to think about it for too long. But you know, it comes and goes for me account whitewash it. I don't know. I don't really want to reveal too much because I don't want to give away too many spoilers because we've smoke and we've really spoken a lot about what goes on in the first two episodes. Although we've just the surface. So we didn't touch even the Sipho yet the Sipho I spoil that because on the way to hell Lia, you've got Kalle going through you'll files in the Cobb, Greg. And yet he comes across this Sipho from that that old book with from Terry wrist and makes a bizarre connection back to Kiel that, just totally blew my mind. And I think that was the point where I was like, okay. This is to real familiar. Malti and go to bed. The connection that was made is is there's pretty big implications for that in how that plays into what we've been investigating for the last seven years, and and just the phenomena as a whole and you start to watch that play out, and you start to watch the synchronicity play out in then towards the end of you know, you you get to the last episode in all of these things that didn't make sense. There's a phone call that we had with a really good friend of ours. Jon Tenney, that's it's in in the series. And he says something that's it sticks with me all the time. Now, he says this stuff never makes sense on a linear time line because there have been people. He's like if you try and put it into a linear timeline. It's not gonna make sense. It's driven you Afo. Researchers crazy it drove John keel. Crazy. You will go nuts. If you if you don't engage with this properly you. Will go crazy. And by the end of the fifth episode all of these things that never made sense to us in linear time line start to add up in. That's when we realize this is this is everything there's something going on. That's everything you gotta just so good at telling the story. We're gonna reveal too much. I'll put it this way. Like Hellier is five episodes and is about seven years worth of material. That's been put together. There's so much more. We only scratched the surface. There's a lot there. But we only scratched the surface in the way that we've been describing Hellier Hellier really as a prologue to something bigger. Wow. And this especially after speaking to you there is this allusion that we're going to go beyond. This wild story of guy cutting harassed by strange entities. Not there is a WADA thing going on. So again, I'm on the edge of my sate. We all speaking to you earlier in the week. But when the show is released, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be out. It's going to be live. So yeah. Listening to this. Now, again, you've got to see.

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