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It sound as weird as we want. But I mean the fact is you weren't dating back then so who gives a crap everybody's legal everybody's in love and you know, that's all we like. So, all right. So you guys are on board. You're going to get married. Do you have a big church wedding? Do you do like justice of the peace thing? Do you go to Vegas and do a drive-through? What's the deal? Well, yeah, we we're she wanted to wait a year, but took up in we came up here to Utah County where I live where I'm from. Sorry. We don't live there at the time and we went ring shopping and we bought a ring and she was just insistent that I do it then she's like insist thought. Like you need to ask me right now. If you ask me right now, I would say yes, but it has to be in a way that I can tell my friends for the fraternity and it has to be a cool story and like really you're giving me like two days to do this lady, you know, so in the music business, I know a lot of people on the radio, so I call them A buddy of mine said hey, I'm going to record this thing and play the song, you know, and then play this time so we drove up to the mountain and played the song which song song and then I my voice comes over the radio and I get out of the car and she's listening to it. I'm on my knees and I tell her on the radio to open the door. I have a question for her birthday. So things went real quickly after that and so her mom took care of everything mom's like this Whirlwind of activity like she's like the Tasmanian devil, you know, just so she got us a place in Saint Georgia beautiful beautiful area in the red rocks. That was just you know, it was just it was a great. I don't remember shit. So a lot of people like, oh man, you're not going to remember any of this dude. Don't worry about it, like going to I want to just go down to the courthouse Pub. You know signed my paper she signs her as we high-five, you know, a little down low call it a day, but she wasn't having it. So we had a pretty cool wedding. It was really fun. It was it was beautiful. Like I said red rock is the coolest place on Earth and it was you perfect setting for a wedding and it was yeah, it was great man. Super great. Are you quick to have kids after that? Yeah, we hung out and you know did some stuff but yeah, we I wanted I've always wanted to be a dad like when people when their kids like I want to be a fireman I'm account of your dad That's how little I was when I realized that's what I wanted to do. So we got on that pretty quickly and we had three kids Kate Stella and Winslow all girls off pretty quickly. Like they're all they're very they're like my my family, you know within a year like year two years apart. So yeah pretty quick. What happened is parenting been like for you to somebody as you said had a dad that was a dick what things did you consciously decide that you were not going to do around your kids that you were exposed to and and I guess conversations that you were having with your wife on how you want to team parent. Well, I left that up to her because of the time I was working six days a week twelve hours a day at restaurants, you know, Texas Roadhouse and and running that show and doing all this stuff. So I took a lot of time that was kind of left to her to decide what she wanted to do and I was just there to support her for me and my dad we have a great relationship and we kind of always have besides him being complete asked when I was a kid. He still a beloved but he's an aspect and I wanted to be more positive with them. I wanted them to know I love them all the time. You know, I wanted them to know that I'm there. I'm a we're going to have fun together. We're going to do all this stuff. But I love you always no matter what and I wanted to try and be a positive influence in her life and not you know, and try and work through their problems that we have. Even the daimyo kid problems in a positive manner. That's what I took away from my my growing up and now that I'm a full-time stay-at-home dad I get to do that a lot and it's it's it's interesting. You know, you get what you ask for it. It's not Jake. To want I love hanging out with my kids, but I see them constantly now, it's really cool. How does that transition happen for you? Then if you're a six-day-a-week, eighty our restaurant guy took possession into full-time dad owed. Well, my wife is a nail technician. She does hand-painted gel nails and what that is long story short nails the last like a week. Oh, oh, yeah. I know all about it three daughters myself. So I get she's really popular on Instagram for her nails are and she's she's phenomenal. She's absolutely amazing at it. So she had this huge following on the Instagram and one day her friend comes to her with this makeup that lasts forever. But on your face never comes off and you go swimming. Well, it comes off wage. Really. I'm sure okay, but you know, it's like a whole day thing is like a 13-hour makeup. You don't have to reapply it. It's like I'll try it. So she tries it and she loves it and starts telling her friends about it, you know, her nail friends not dead. I tried they love it says like well sign up and maybe I'll get a couple of bucks. So she signs up posted on her nail stuff, which is very popular and man. He went from 0 to 700 so off she signed up and it just exploded like in here in Utah. I was like she got right there and it was a network marketing company. So she just went just blew up after a year or two of that knowing that it was probably real we I was actually going to get offered at my own restaurant. My very own I Own It restaurant Texas Roadhouse has a life partner system where you can buy your own restaurant. So I was about to have that and so it was like, how do I take this? You know, like I don't know it's life or do I just retire? You know, what do we want to do? And so we decided I just did, you know read another book and I and we were in Hawaii and I was like, let's just screw it and went back to my teenage self. You know it off. About working all the time. It's not about that. It's about the experiences that you can have in the adventures that you can have. And so I said screw it should I should I retired so I stopped and said, yeah, it's quit. So I quit so the fur past three and a half years. I've been a stay-at-home dad and that's what I do. She works. I don't so. yeah worked out pretty well, you know, so where does the barbecue come back for you then so long time ago Thursday through Mesquite Nevada, and there was a barbecue competition there and I went checked it out and it ended up being the very first episode of Pitmasters. Oh and so I was driving home going off to do that one day that would be really cool to be able to you know, I'm and take my dad's recipes and I'm going to go out and compete and I'm going to show the world, you know, my neighbors like my food. So that's kind of planted a seed in my brain but working in restaurants, you know, it's funny cuz I set off on this life of Living and you know enjoying and then I took the management role to kind of have something to fall back on and it's funny cuz my whole life changed where I was working all the time no time off, you know, just busting my butt. So I would didn't have a lot of time to practice that stuff so years go by and off when my wife actually so I cook all the time outside. I was grilling love at all. Did it all the time cooking cooking cooking but as far as competition goes I dead. One of my wife and I was able to quit I went to culinary school and when I was done she goes what do you want to do? I go want to do Barbecue Company competitively so cool. Let's do it. So that's why I did booked my next plane and took a class Brad lanager and Tim Scheer and came back and worked with those recipes a lot and took some more classes and worked with those and developed our profile and hit the hit the road and you know, I got a couple of people that wanted to help me out and just kind of rock and rolled but that was the competition side, you know that I'll happen very quickly, but I was you know, I was always interested in smoking but grilling was my thing was a gas guy, you know, but Weber and a gas, I watched Bobby Flay and he always had the gas and had the Weber, so I'm about the gas in the Weber and that's why I used to cook on so I always had my hand in it my whole life. There's never a thought I didn't But the competition world we just did it, you know.

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