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Energy, January 1st, I'm older, enough to remember tweets like never has a Premier League club with as many points as arsenal at this stage of the season, 43, not gone on to win the league, but it's ended with a limp series of performances shown of all the strengths, everything we marvel that the creativity, the intelligence, the confidence of collective belief that we've just, we've just bowed down to 7 weeks ago, also at 8 points clear. I feel for that. I don't believe in the bottle job narrative. I do believe this is just a squad too thin. Ultimately down the stretch, mentally, physically. But you do end up with the aftertaste of disappointment. Speaking to Arsenal fans in my life, it sounds like they've just had an incredible meal, one of the best restaurants in the world. And then being forced to eat a dog turd for dessert. That feeling, that dog turd breath is now the stain. It covers overall the joy. It's the hangover, that goes into the transfer window, the negative data, the weaknesses rather than the strengths that will be, I fear the memory that clouds the postseason. I think the defense to the bottle job from Arsenal fans is that wait a minute, we're learning so much from this season. You just wait and wait to see who we are next season on what we've learned from it. And I think also that's where we have to defer our judgment of what's happened. That we've got to see if that defense is accurate. And I think if arsenal do bounce back next year and get even stronger, we can say this was an important lesson learned. This is a young squad that have probably a little slightly thin squad, not quite enough depth. They need a bit more help in the off season than this is how they get to the next place. If they don't do this, if they don't manage to bounce back, if they don't get stronger, if next season is not a strong for them, then I think you've got to revisit it and say, yeah, you know what? This was their chance to go and win it last season. This is where they had the chance. And wow, I bet they wish they had another chance like this again. This is the most important conversation right now for arsenal of phantom summer investment who comes in. You know, that bench looks so thin yesterday, Vieira. I'd say arguably a mistake, Tierney. I love that man. I love his just the fierceness. Seems to have lost his way at the club. Emile Smith wrote really a lost boy. Arteta needs options. And the rumor mill now links them to this morning, Declan rice, Mason Mount, even intriguing the heel guy gundo WAN. But the only one in coming this weekend was a chocolate Labrador named win. Arteta has brought to live. Do you see this story in the Gunners training facility to quote show love and develop a family atmosphere at the club? Emotional support dogs are the best. David, do you think they might need more than one loop? Yeah, I think we've got to check the Premier League handbook and see if the chocolate lab is available to play. Back everybody up in multiple faces of the field, or if he's just there on frisbee catching duty. We have no idea. I think that's the difference right there between Arteta and pep, Arteta's like my players and the comfort they need emotional support, their emotionally stunted, they need the dog to pet and make them feel better about life. Pet would bring in a dog, but make it mate with gunna saurus and try and breed some, you know, maybe a 5th folding, even better than food and could be bread if wind is forced to make love to the source. He's been working on doodles. Yeah, we will have to see. Certainly two very different managers with very different approaches to emotional support dogs. I think we can agree broadly there. Now I can't stop thinking about going to when he's in the mood. He might change color. Oh my God. Okay. So the next day, Sunday, fresh off working on a short game pep, he took a break from the golf course, headed down to the eta had to see city, defeat Chelsea, one nil, felt like ten in what was less a game of football and more a coronation. Three Pete, just like the Chicago Bulls and both of all that Abu Dhabi oil money and I do think I bet the schedule is pat themselves on the back when they develop the fictionalist David. They were just like, we're saving this bond storm up for the end of the season, right? And little did they know it would have almost no meaning. Manchester City have been that dominant. That pulverizing this non happy flowers team 8 points back just over a month ago, but that entire title chase was just making a fool out of all this. They were just so hungry. They were so ravenous down the stretch, and they walked out yesterday. To we are the champions knowing that they'd already won her third title. In three seasons, through a guard of honor, given by Chelsea poor Raheem Sterling, those feelings, pat then walked out late dressed head to toe in black and the fate of signal to all of us really that if he was a guest that Westworld, he'd be a black hat. And against Chelsea, feeble one win in their last 11 Chelsea 12 place Chelsea really serving little purpose than to remind us that just spending obscene amounts of cash idiotically doesn't necessarily lead to glory, city rested all the big guns Edison, DIA stones, gundam and Harlan, Grealish Rodri, de Bruyne Bernardo on the bench. And Peter drury said this game with all of cities backups on the field, including Kelvin Felix ripped out of Leeds, but finally making his league debut for city was a game without jeopardy. But diving hasn't cities whole season at times felt like a game without jeopardy. And look, you do feel that for those city players, they are playing to get noticed and piece of jury brought up this point with Lee Dixon that and Graham Lesotho that they are playing to get noticed by their manager and you don't feel like they're manager isn't focusing on every single action in the entire game. Phil Foden playing for a place in the FA Cup starting lineup playing for a place in the Champions League starting lineup. All over the field, there are players playing to get noticed and playing for that. And you would think on the other side, the Chelsea players would be playing perhaps to increase their value to the parent club or to a future club that they may go to and it was really quite striking, I rarely seen a game in which it was more striking that there were some players really making an effort. Running after the ball, trying to do something and other players doing almost nothing and just looking incredibly pissed off the entire time. It's not clear to me all the Chelsea players were wearing shim pads, David. I mean, we should talk about the one but why I'm just trading around there. The one goal flowing move, Palmer, jumped on some slot fed Alvarez rifle tame 17th goal of the season for a footnote of a player magnificent footballer won the World Cup and now the Premier League in the same season. But so deep it's at squad. Yeah, you know, city city will splash the cash occasionally on the likes of Grealish, but it's a number of 40, $50 million players, they stockpile plus. It's got to be said, incredible recruitment, both inability and the professional mindset that they bring plus the fact that when players do go wrong, like Phillips, there's just no pressure, no reverberation pep. It was when the 11 titles in 14 incredible working years as a manager is in total control. He's never threatened. In the same way as Chelsea barely threatened 6 time in a run city of ketam school all comps. Let's be honest, this game meant nothing. It really warrants not a moment more of conversation. The game itself, but it should be noted Chelsea, your Chelsea will end in the bottom half of the table was finished in 27 years. I think the lowest number of points he cleaned in a Premier League irritated. We've talked about him a lot. It feels like a lot of repeat. I don't know if there is more to add. On this really lost season of fully. Nothing. I mean, the only thing to say is I think similar to what I said about arsenal earlier. I think we have to we don't have to defer judgment on Chelsea. I think we can judge this season incredibly harshly and say, this was really appalling at every level ownership, management, players, I don't want to criticize the backroom staff, but I imagine there were some poor jobs. Probably the people in catering did a horrible job in the executive suites. Horrible. I mean, condiments. They have bloody condiments out ketchup, but I mean, look, the thing

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