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Of prayer and introspection, and more than a few heart to heart conversations, but rather I should run through the tape over the next 20 months and finish the important work by my staff and I have begun on a wide range of fronts. Many of them be gone in partnership with Democrat and Republican colleagues in the Senate and in the house. Carper is the fourth senator to announce retirement in the last few months, including California's dianne Feinstein, Maryland's Ben cardin and Michigan's Debbie stabenow, Indiana's Mike Braun is running for governor. I'm Katie Clark. 12 till now in America in the morning, the latest on the war in Ukraine, Russia said that its military and security forces were fighting against Ukrainian units that had crossed into its southern Belgrade region. The largest such move into Russian territory since the war began. The Kremlin described the Ukrainian incursion as a commando unit and saboteurs and said it has sufficient forces to expel Ukraine's military. Meanwhile, the epicenter for the fighting remains in the city of bunk moot, where Russian units are claiming victory but Kyiv says there's still a Ukrainian presence there. The United States says it will still take several months to train Ukraine's pilots and send F-16 fighter jets into the region and those jets when delivered come with the condition they would not be allowed to fly over Russia, America in the morning continues. Happy Bitcoin pizza day. Today, 10,000 Bitcoin is a whole lot of dough, but 13 years ago, one man paid that much for pizza delivery tech news correspondent chuck palm explains. Happy Bitcoin pizza day. Yesterday was the official anniversary of 13 years since the first crypto purchase was made at a Papa John's Pizza franchise for two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoins. In a somewhat cruel celebration, people comment on the amount of bitcoins used to purchase the pizzas and the equivalent dollar amount that would have cost today what came to nearly $40 plus tip for 10,000 bitcoins at today's price for Bitcoin would cost over $268 million with extra cheese, add only 19.4 million. Yesterday, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he would be the first presidential candidate to accept crypto donations for his campaign. RFK junior's announcement coincides with a push for more regulation on crypto, spreading more uncertainty in an already battered industry in June of 2021, the RNC also announced they would be accepting donations in crypto for more tech news visit all the top tech dot tech. I'm chuck palm. At ten till Robert workman has a look at Tuesday sports. The Denver Nuggets are on their way to the NBA Finals for the first time ever. They rallied from down 15 and a half times to beat the Lakers one 13 one 11 and sweep the west finals in four straight. Led by Nikola Jokić who had 30 points and his 8th triple double of this postseason, breaking the record set by Wilt Chamberlain, 56 years ago. LeBron James had 40 for LA, but miss too late shots that would have died the game. On the ice, what is it about these low seed South Florida teams in this year's playoffs? The 8th C Miami heater one went away from the NBA Finals, and now the 8th seed Florida panthers are on the brink of playing for the Stanley Cup. The Panthers blank the hurricanes won nothing for a three games to none lead in their east final. Thanks to 32 cities from Sergey borowski and a samurai goal at the game's midpoint assisted by Matthew kuchuk, who scored the overtime winners in games one and two. They'll have the brooms out tomorrow night at home. Baseball, the Astros sort past the brewers 12 two for their 8th street win, 5 home runs two from Jordan Alvarez, one of those are Grand Slam. Pirates over the rangers 6 four took a pita marcano hit his first big league salami. Guardians blank the White Sox hunter gaddis and the gatherers were the three hitter. Mike zunino broke out of a one for 31 slump with a two run Homer. Yeah, I

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