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Actually watching movies and watching my performances and seeing what i am doing right in what i'm doing wrong in what i can improve um what do you think is the hardest role you've played so far uh i mean honestly i'd have to say worm because worm was a very difficult role for me because mian warmer nothing alike really but the more i played him the more i realise we were so much alike in that was kind of difficult and scary for me um because worm is it it is a he's an introvert you know he does not talk to girls he's never even at his first kiss and he lives in this world where everyone is is constantly moving he deals like he's being left behind and i always fell on not like down you know i'm upping the current and a half friends a bubble block but the more i played the character the more i realized you know i do can if you like i'm being left behind by certain people and you know so yeah i would have to say that that worm was definitely the most difficult but the most rewarding as wellknown was comparable what about that so they're bubis good ebeid's sundance how do you feel about allah uh i mean i'm thrilled you know sundance is a is a huge huge thing it's a huge deal and i've never been you know and now not lima going to get to go to sundance inexperienced abbott i'm going to get to go for a film that on the lead and like i mean i couldn't be happier i mean it's definitely add it's a crazy turn and i'm really pumped about it in in its own a bugle of refusing yanggon there for about a week yom do they play the movie everyday heroes a certain night that the poonery their planet every day actually grew up which is crazy like that's really exciting to me that a you know maybe some of these these big directors and big actors and big producers or you know maybe they'll get a glimpse in my movie and i'm really excited mira you also do what you're to enable there to growth yes yes i believe that after every screening there's a qna so that'll be really exciting man.

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