Texas, Greg Abbott, President Trump discussed on The Kim Komando Show


Channel from officials on the ground and sutherland springs texas were were killed as he gunmen entered at the first baptist church in that very small town and with about fifty people were still as we have been told in attendance and uh many has again twenty two twenty four people have been killed we are awaiting a news conference here setting up for one in one of the town halls in that area we expect to hear from the wilson county sheriff in texas also from the governor of texas greg abbott has a part of this news conference where we hope to get some more idea of what happened may be as this investigation continues who this person may have been that information may or may not come out as this investigation continues they may stay officials who are looking into the shooting may still be trying to uh a piece together why of this person decided to attack of this particular church was it's something that was domestically motivated was it just a random act who is not something that we are sure about at this point but we are hearing from many of people we have heard from members of key we've heard from the president of the united states the dubbed the democratic national committee also commenting a dnc chair tom perez releasing a statement i'm heartbroken by the horrific shooting in texas our thoughts and prayers are with the people of southern when sprains and all those affected by this unspeakable tragedy he goes on to say no american should never be afraid to worship no family should ever face the unbearable pain that too many american families are feeling today in the last thirty five these we witnessed with worst mass shootings in american history we cannot allow those who wish us harm to so easily turned their hatred into violence and we must be united in working to ensure that these tragedies become a relic of the past rather than routine those words from dnc chair tom perez and he released a statement today fox's channels on fox news.

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