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Goof absolute and it's like look at this like set the senate is upset at so amazing i love that so much i serve a bit of it never worked aware i wanted a too but i would be like this so if you ever they are countries intelligence just remember this is so stupid are cadre there is a time when grown people actually thought ozzy osbourne was the devil that's right a guy with the reality show the goes daughter does like the red carpet bullshit which owed river like they thought he was literally the dow it's so fucking embarrassing we i look back on our yet and that there was backwards messages in there where he was convincing people to commit suicide yet right and then a backward message could actually can incb like if like you're subconscious works so well that it can interpret pack kurds and who had tapped into it ozzie the largest man in the world they even have you right after he did a lot snorted a line of van this subconscious program it'll got a great idea even if you accept the premises that he was in league with satan it satan was a real person you could be in league with and that they had decided to corrupt the youth of the world even if all those things were true backwards messages ghana in a statement to try to put all that much but that whole time that that i remember that's what made john denver like cool again was because john denver testified on behalf of the artists in from congress or hailing the big testimonies were denver and zappa which i thought was very cool because appa with the staggering of the albuquerque and all that shit and i thought those cool because especially with zap like denver being like sort of a nerdy guy speaking out i thought was cohen that i also scolded zappa did it because he didn't i don't think he was a fan of a lot of the music there was getting hit you know he thought a lot of it was like manufactured but he's still got up there and stuck up for them so ryan if you don't have absolute free speech then you don't have prejudged who is in her cell but uh but anyway.

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