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App. Good morning everyone. Happy friday. It's jobs in the US. We also have a little bit of movement when it comes to the markets really can't treasuries yesterday. We had the Ohio. So there's a lot going on. You're listening to daybreak Europe live on London db digital radio. Now, the news, of course, coming in thick and FOSS. We had a lot of earnings today also on the banks, and then we had we're just getting some breaking into cutting. It's like for like net rental income forecast to minus four to minus six they're actually giving us a range. This we need to look into a little bit more of an idea of what exactly this means. But they're saying they're Seagate twenty nineteen challenge due to higher-than-expected CVA's. They're also noting of slowdown in U letting so this is into properties we'll have of course, a very close eye on into it's a UK shopping center owner, and we did see a couple of news yesterday ahead. Head of first-quarter trading update today, which was much worse than expected. And it's almost it feels like a profit warning. So we'll have plenty more, of course on into these. In the meantime, what your markets are doing looking at futures are countries sideways. A lot of the focus will be on trade. A lot of the focus will be on again trying to digest some of these earnings that we had a lot of focus, of course, will be on jobs. So stocks a little bit mix. Investors now, turning their focus to earnings and the upcoming US jobs. Eight are treasuries futures. I'm actually looking at what they're doing right now pretty much steady after yields climbing overnight and the dollar edging higher. There are still concerns about this US China trade deal remaining elusive keep an eye on that. So let's get straight to our top stories, and let's kick it off with the banks and John Flint looks to be making headway bring costs under control. That's as HSBC. First quarter profit beats estimate revenue gains outpaced costs increase in the first three months of the year. And here's a chief find. Officer. Stevenson, target certainly has fallen until throughout the year. As I said, if you if you strip out the one offs in the revenue the court underlying growth with broadly in line with cost growth, we do think we're going to be able to achieve coming quotas. Continuing Paul Jewell was for the remainder of the will your speakers lender has faced questions over its strategy since it failed to deliver on that metric lost year onto another Bank. And this is the French Bank has reported net. Income of one billion years in the first quarter of nineteen and improved peuvent of capital levels with the ratio of eleven point seven percent. Will that said fixed income revenues were down? Fifteen point nine percent equities revenues down five point three percent on the quarter. While the deputies the bank's deputy chief executive officer savant Coban spoke with Bloomberg's Cowan could not in Paris. The situation in voted to t- remains very low which is positive titties. But clue. Nobody speaking we are really live whereas markets in this business. The big thing for me is equity business is as a times on the average..

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