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I don't much care for it. But you know, what it could be worse. I suppose. And I'm getting choice. So welcome aboard. Thanks for being part of the program the for and we got a whole bunch of things and I'm trying to get through. But one of them is just jumping out for for discussion and thought and looking at I guess, the current state of of things with regard to the Virginia governor and his his behavior thirty six years ago and his behavior now thirty four years ago, I guess and his behavior now. And the guy is I think an enigma because there are so many inconsistencies about him. So I I wanna get into his background just a little bit and his his life. What he has done what he has done personally, academically, professionally and politically, and then I have a poll question for you. At the conclusion of that he was born and raised in rural Virginia. And grew up on a farm where the tended the the farmer this with his brother and family. He graduated from high school with the as the salutatorian and was voted most likely to succeed. He was a member of his school's basketball and baseball teams. He graduated from the Virginia Military institute in nineteen Eighty-one where he served as president of the honor court and received a bachelor's degree in biology, then went onto eastern Virginia medical school earning. His medical doctorate in nineteen Eighty-four from eighty four to eighty two he served in the United States army as a medical officer during his army service. He completed a pediatric residency at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas, followed by a child neurology fellowship at Walter Reed. Medical center in Washington DC and Johns Hopkins hospital during operation Desert Storm he treated evacuated and evacuated casualties at the regional medical center in Germany. He left the United States army in nineteen Ninety-two at the rank of major having completed eight years of service since one thousand nine hundred ninety two he he has been a pediatric neurologist at children's hospital of the king's daughters and Norfolk Virginia. Let's talk about the guys at accomplished guy. And I think that academic pedigree and the status of being being the salutatorian and voted most likely to succeed. Frankly, don't comport with the behavior we've seen out of him recently or perhaps while he was in medical school. So prior to entering politics. Northam disclosed that he voted for George W Bush in the two thousand and two thousand four presidential elections. That was a fact that opponents raised and later democratic primaries north says he was a was a political at the time and regretted those votes saying, and I quote, politically there was no question. I was under informed. He I ran for the Senate the state Senate in two thousand seven the Virginia's sixth Senate district, which includes eastern shore Virginia Mathews county on the middle peninsula and parts of the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach. He was unopposed for the democratic nomination. And on November six two thousand seven he defeated Nick Aurora's two-term Republican incumbent seventeen thousand three hundred seven votes to fourteen thousand four hundred ninety nine votes. He was then re elected in November of two thousand eleven defeating bend, Loyola junior defence contractor little wider margin sixteen thousand. Plus two twelve thousand plus votes. One of north homes. I major activities as a state legislator was to lead an effort to pass a ban on smoking in restaurants in Virginia. The the Bill initially failed. The first time I go round, but it passed the next year, and it was signed into law by governor Tim Kaine and two thousand nine them a self-described conservative on fiscal issues and liberal on social issues was the subject of an attempt by state Republicans to get him to switch parties. This course of action if successful would have given Republicans control of the Senate, but after news of the imminent, switch broke on Twitter. Democrats held a closed-door meeting and Northam reiterated that he was not leaving the party. He later said, I guess it's nice to be one of it. I'm a democrat. And that's where I'm staying. He then ran for Lieutenant governor in the two thousand thirteen elect and he competed against the US chief technology officer Chopra for the democratic nomination on June eleven two thousand thirteen he won the Democratic Party nomination over Chopra with fifty four percent of the. Vote to Topaz Forty-six percent advanced the has the time he was elected as Virginia's fortieth Lieutenant governor over Republican e w Jackson by a ten percent margin. Receiving fifty five percent of the vote to Jackson's forty five. North was the first democrat says Tim Caine in two thousand one to be elected Lieutenant governor of Georgia. I'm sorry Virginia, the two thousand seventeen gubernatorial election. This is kind of interesting in February of two thousand fifteen just over a year into his term as Lieutenant governor. He confirmed his interest in running for governor Virginia in two thousand seventeen and made those intentions official knows an on November seventeen two thousand fifteen the an Email to supporters he faced former congressman and the Democratic Party for a runoff and ultimately. Prevailed? He was often described as a proxy battle between the Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren wing of the Democratic Party represented by a person by the name of pareo and the Hillary Clinton wing represented by northern. Himself on June thirteenth two thousand seventeen. He was he won the democratic nomination with fifty six percent of the vote, and he faced Republican nominee, Ed Gillespie, and the general election that data election got rather heated and during the campaign, Mr. Gillespie as well as President Trump accused him of being responsible for the increase activities, the MS thirteen gangs and of being in favour of sanctuary cities that lead dangerous illegal immigrants back on the streets. There is a little bit of problem and Mr. Gillespie's climb because there are no sanctuary cities. There were not then in Virginia there. None still today Gillespie and the president said that the north amid been the deciding vote to stop a Republican Bill in the state Senate, which would have banned sanctuary cities, and that this contributed to a surgeon MS thirteen violence, a notion that was not really truly supported by the facts. However, he did not want to take a proactive course of action. To address to prohibit a sanctuary cities. However, he did say that he would he would fight against it. If it were to happen, or there was a specific effort for any city to go in that direction. Just a month or so after that the Latino victory fund which was supporting his campaign released an ad in which a pickup truck adorned with Gillespie bumper sticker a quote don't tread on the end, quote license plate and confederate flag chases down minority. Children and corners them in an alley. One of the children and the ad then wakes up revealing the scene to have been a nightmare. Although north and his campaign were not involved with the ad. He initially defended it he defended that ad. I don't know if you've seen it. But I remember seeing it, and it was absolutely reprehensible is terrible. He defended it saying these ads have promoted fearmongering, hatred, bigotry and racial divisiveness. And adding I mean, it's an upset a lot of communities and they have a right to express their views as well. Ultimately that ad was pulled the following day hours after the terrorist attack in New York City in which a man killed several people by running them down with a pickup truck. So that was not his ad, but he did defend it. And it's ironic that there was an exploitation of I think frankly, unsubstantiated non existent racism on the part of Ed Gillespie. That that actually put north position where he was able to accomplish victory to be elected governor of the state of Virginia. So. Of course, we all know about the yearbook photo that has come out now and some of the behavior associated with that. Specifically is he I acknowledged that. He was either the person in that he was in fact, affirmatively either the person who appeared in black face in that photograph or the person and the KKK hood and sheet, so he acknowledged having done that and it's on his yearbook page. And then over the weekend. He recanted and said that wasn't him. Well, if he thought it was him that pretty much tells you that he did it or believe he did it back in the nineteen Eighty-four timeframe. And I think a lot of sins and indiscretions and bad judgment bad behavior of that timeframe thirty plus years ago. Can be forgiven. If there's an explanation, and there's context that shows that there was no righteous hatred or or racist ideology and play foolish foolish foolish thing to do. And no wise person would engage, but I think there's an opportunity to be forgiven. If a person explains what took place in shows legitimate remorse for having done. So but to get caught up in the lie, and it's got to be alive. This juncture there. There's no doubt. He he said it was him. Anyway, it was it was either either one of those characters either or. But now he denies that. How can that be? And then of course, he has in recent weeks talked about the plan with regard to extending abortion rights access to abortion to the full term of a pregnancy and beyond because he very calmly talks about a procedure in which a child is born. So it's no longer an infant. I no longer a fetus this child is born outside the mother's womb. Alive. And you consult with parents make the make the newborn comfortable, and then take what course of action they decide they wanna take. I think that's a that's a tough one. And that is not getting the attention that I would expect it to get frankly. However, this other behavior. Does get the attention. So how do you comport the the apparent divergence and this guy's life? He seems to show. Rather astute intellect at some time in a field that many many many people would would recognize him believed to be challenging even for a gifted person. And then he actually went on beyond that and finished a a specialty license certificate in a in a more complex field of medicine, and he had a great military run. And he was perceived by his high school classmates to be the most likely to succeed. Is that the guy you've seen lately? So the by poll question today is do you think he should resign? Simple question there. Also when.

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