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Weeks, three weeks. During the first demons. We did church virtually not having that closeness. You know, sometimes you thought you were pulling away from each other. But I would call especially our older members to make sure they were okay to make sure that they had everything they needed. It. The first Sunday in June, way had services outside. I just felt just throw excited and happy to see people that she hadn't really seen for three months. Naturally, you know, you went to hug and Oh, we can't have so you know you hit their elbow or the fist. The Lord is my light My salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life. Of whom shall I be afraid? My faith has gotten stronger. I have been to a few funerals. I have worn my mask, but at the same time I just ask God to be with me and protect me and I got to do this and bam! You know, do it. Even though way are in this difficult time. We still have to give God all the praise and all the glory. Mary Tate of Marion County, West Virginia. Case numbers there have recently increased. So after a few weeks about your services, churches returned online worship. The parishioners continue to pray for each other and for all of us as this pandemic continues. Siri's upright opens with a man hauling an upright piano in a trailer across the Barrow stricken landscape. He's frazzled and alone at the wheel, guzzles beer and gobbles pills. He gets a text message, mate. Time is running out. Don't duck this up. Ah, spell check. Then he drives into a ditch. Here's his piano bleed and an angry, profane 16 year old kidding me. It's my piano, and this is my aunt. Who'd wakened just, um, take the trail often Hook it to the weakened right? Yes was gone upright is the story of two strangers Lucky and Meg, who take off across the expanse of Australia's scheming, swearing, pilfering. And becoming vital to each other. Up right Aryan on Sundance now stars and his co created by Tim mention, and we're joined now from Sydney by the singer, songwriter, satirist and composer. Tim mention Thanks so much for being with us. Hi, Scott. Thank you for having me again. All these years later, what would put these remarkable characters in your mind and heart? Well, they got delivered to me by a friend of mine called Chris Tyler, who came up with this Premise basically, that they wanted to create a comedy show with me, and that involved a guy trying to get across Australia with a piano in the back of a ute. What we call a pick up truck. And I thought it was a pretty seductive kind of idea. And hey, in a couple of other friends of mine writers invented Mega Sze well, I sort of got a really strong feeling quite early that a story like that could bear the weight of a lot more drama. So it went from being a quite lighthearted sitcom, which is what the pitch was too. Being a much bigger story. I notice you couldn't resist an encounter with a kangaroo. How much Australian does an American audience need to know to understand this road trip after speak Basic Australian Look, I'm not interested in forwarding artificial tropes of Australian blocky kangaroo crocodile wrestling nonsense. I was incredibly Kane, as were all the writers to make something quite sophisticated and upright is a quite sophisticated story that said in your desire to avoid tropes. You don't want to turn your back on. The actual absurd reality of your own culture. And the fact is, you can't drive across his country without almost hitting a kangaroo. And you can't walk through the desert without getting yourself in a bit of trouble. And if you do have interactions with all the wild and wonderful characters who live in the Outback of Australia, you will find they are pretty Different. You, of course, wrote the musical Matilda. Wildly successful, Mathilda, I guess is five Mega 16. You write such vibrant, interesting The young women girls, his characters. How do you How do you put yourself in their minds and hearts? That's a nice thing to say. I I don't know. I think a great part of the adventure of creation is trying to place yourself in other people's shoes. I think that's what all of us need to do. All the time. I think empathy is intuitive, but it's also something that you have to work on. Because of course you're empathy. Tends to more easily for with people more like you. So you actually have to fight to try and place yourself in the shoes of others, And I guess I'm intellectually interested in that. I ask because I've seen you address it in some recent interviews. What do you think of the contemporary line of criticism that would hold that You can't really put yourself in the skin of a young woman. Look, I'm open to hearing the ways in which especially powerful groups like straight. What's a standard males like May I'm happy to hear that. There. I'm absolutely sure there is cultural appropriation. I don't think that necessarily means that Everyone should only right from their own point of view, just because there's a power differential. I think that's it just can't possibly end well and the other thing and this side I get me some criticism. But I can write a song from a female's point of view better than many females, not because of my gender, but because I'm a songwriter. I've spent many, many, many years working on the craft of songwriting. The craft is of trying to place yourself in other people's shoes and find interesting ways to express things And if I have a particular ability hypothetically to express things in a way That shines a light on something..

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