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And I had our first season together this summer, we are excited to have care on WBZ at college basketball too. What do we own that honor CARA? What are you in the midst of because your schedules crazy for the fans that have not caught up with all of the different basketball, you're covering, and let's not forget, she's also a USA basketball head coach, what is your schedule. Like right now this time of year. Once the calendar turns to January, I think everyone that's involved in college basketball. Or is it a college basketball fan is is mandated with games, right? That's just kind of how are your are your work. So I'm no different. Once was January starts, I'm usually working for two five games week with my wizard schedule. Obviously the NBA plays eighty two games. So there's there's games, you know, most most days a lot of travel involved with that the nice thing about my MBA schedules at I do the same team every night for the most part. So I I have a really good feel obviously for the wizards. And and where we are in our season. And then also in January this time of year, you start to get repeat opponents in that that's always helpful because you've already seen that team this season. So I start to hit a good little rhythm in. January with with the NBA schedule and things start to get cranked up. One was college basketball. We had our first Thursday game big Thursday game last week, Yukon and Baylor. We have another one this week Louisville Notre Dame, which the new polls came out, which is not one versus two which is very exciting. You we had a one versus two earlier this year with uconn and Notre Dame. So so that starts to go into focus and really start narrowing down on on teams and start preparing the long road to Tampa to the final four and start looking at teams through that lens. I watch games in women's college basketball in November and December. But I try not to make too many sweeping judgments about who teams are at that point. Because teams changed so much over the course of the year, and in January you start to see in conference play with better competition, and obviously more games under their belt. You start to see. Teams foundation solidify and get to see who they really are as a group. So now, a is a really big valuation time for me as as I'm preparing for for the countdown to the final four and cost. I guess it's three months three months from today the national championship. I think April April seventh in there you go. Well with all that going on. We are excited to have you on especially because you did call that Yukon Baylor game and to get us started. Let's just here a little bit from Kim. Mulkey in her thoughts after the Kim. Shift talk number one for the first time in your career for the first thing. She said is where's my grandbaby? What's your mind right now? This is the second game eighty second lady game. Let me tell you what our kids played so Dohrn aboard Holly guarded. They defended listened to the scout report. You know, I think the Stanford halls us. And we're pretty good basketball team. And when week lay this way cake day, Beth these fans look around the Serena schools out we don't even have our students here, and they came they did their job. Our team did their job. Tremendous basketball game, great for women's basketball. You talked about that Stanford game kalani Brown with five points. What did you do between then and now to get her at her peak performance tonight challenger, keep them motivated Keefer hungry senior? Sometimes have a tendency not necessarily lose focus. But what else can you teach them after three years? So you got to figure out ways to motivate them and brought her in Cox in my office. You're too good. Only get seven shots. I don't care if you're double triple team,.

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