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Yes. Has left Walther he's now at he's now at Burnley, where he replaces, of course, Chris Wood, Chris Woods. And recourse himself will be replaced by Jonas Vince, coping about Copenhagen's Jonas vent. Exactly. What do you make of these musical chairs? Yeah, yeah, so I think wood is 6 two, 6, three, maybe. So they managed to sign someone bigger than him because I think would cost his 6 6 or something like that, which is crazy. Let's see the best of season two. I mean, it's called 6 goes in the Buena Sega and the first half of the season, but compared to the 20 last season wave was really on fire. Specialist obviously in the air and those one touch finishes and all of that. I think his graduates can't wait to see him and again, I hope that Bernie plays on his strength, which then you get that's how you get the best of burly tend to do. Yeah, exactly. And you can find really thought that they got rid of Mike Ashley. And guess what? He's back somehow suing our understanding and her husband. Yeah, I don't know if it's quite a lawsuit or if it was just taking action or threatening one. This is down to the fact that when Amanda stave Lee and her husband merged their own 10% of the club, they bought the club together with the Saudi investors and they effectively borrowed money from Ashley to pay for the club. Then since then, she's come out and she said, no, no. We have lots of money. I'm going to buy Audrey Hepburn's collection and I sold the hotel in New York or LA or wherever it was. And so now actually it's kind of saying, oh, why are you borrowing money from me? I don't think this is going to affect Newcastle directly on the pitch. But Mike Ashley can be a very, very tough question. Very uncompromising his Newcastle fans know. And obviously, depending which way this goes, this can be a stress on Amanda staveley, and let's not forget either one's running Newcastle right now. I even Tony, the Brentford striker, the big man. He was on a holiday in the gulf in Dubai. And Josie got himself into some trouble. Well, yeah, because as you know a bit of a winter break now for primarily players, they'll probably games this weekend. Obviously the effect up next weekend as well. So I've had a few days off to go whatever they wanted sometimes to warm training camp as well for some teams. And Ivan Tony was at a party clearly somewhere very hot and very sunny. With the girl who, how can I put it? You know, use the F word to say Brentford to Ivan Tony to the surprise I think of many responding in the same way, which then he had to apologize to the secret because the video leaked. See the video was edited though. Yeah, I didn't look at the one I saw didn't look like there was any edit at all for sure. And the fact that he had to apologize and the polished himself shows that clearly he knew that he did try to forensic video experts that you could tell. Editing. Unless he's done by our producer Freddie the very, you know, you know something. Ran a hill, the Spanish winger who went to Tottenham last summer from Sevilla. I didn't really last long in London because he's off now on loan to Valencia back in Spain. Right here, I find really, really interesting because he's one of the most hyped teenagers, I think. Yeah, with anybody was fantastic last season. He was in a bio obviously he was there on loan. He was from Seville. So they wanted him to grow. He ends up moving in the summer to spurs for 25 million plus Eric lamela, who Eric Lewis contract was just to get a year to run. So it was a bit of a throne. But still a lot of money to pay for a teenager. He didn't started a single game on under your own respirator. 9 appearances off the bench. You see, he still looks physically very, very young. I think there's a player there. Years of scouts can't be wrong. So I think alone could certainly help him develop from a spurs perspective. I think the optics of it, we touched upon Fabio parachi, you were a bit suspicious, perhaps, that some of his moves? Yeah. You know, in terms of when you look back to what happened over the summer, he'll obviously come and gone for now anyway. That's a long burn. Has not quite panned out the way we expected. Looks good between the sticks, but he never plays. And Christian Romero, he got sent off in the conference, I think. He's only I think he's only played 6 Premier League games, started to experimentally games. He's been in now. We haven't really spent a lot of money on him. So I think the screws are turned a little bit on parachi for these two other signings to work out because the other ones in the summer that really haven't taken spurs forward. We got to see pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo junior training with his shirtless dad on Instagram and social media went wild. Christiano said the president in the future, of course, it's only 13. I think or 12 or 13. He's all this one. And then how do you call in English the economy? His stopwatch. Yes, top watch. I think probably to do the dreads and everything. I would be surprised not because my oldest place with the same boots, but Christina was wearing Adidas predators, football boots, when you know the Ronald family is very much tied up with Nike and christiano plays with Nike and everything. But clearly must feel more comfortable with predators, which is a really good choice too. He's his own man. This is a man, but yeah, we just can't wait to see in a few years how good he really is to be fair. He won't happen because they're going to be gab. How weird is this story about Equatorial Guinea's vice president Titian gamma, go keep her dress Warner and Michael Jackson's glove. It's really bizarre. So telling women who I was not familiar with. But for those who don't know, is a very wealthy man. He's the vice president of Equatorial Guinea. Obviously, he's also one who had been a star really frequently. He said that if they win the tournament, I will give you one of Michael Jackson's gloves out of my collection of Jackson gloves and a Michael Jackson memorabilia. I said it was so weird because he tweets this out. I have no idea the oneo is a Michael Jackson fan. Okay, so here's a glove belonging to the late Michael Jackson. Gee, you know? Thanks, teddy. I don't know. We study the other one just to see that happening to see what he does with the glove. And you know that the guy would be offended if he puts it on eBay. I don't know, man, maybe he is. I'm Michael Jackson. We don't know. Anyway, Jules, we got to come back on Thursday because at that point, the transfer window will be shot and.

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