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All that rolls up into your estimate cost to send to the project owner. Whoever that is was it was like are you. Here's okay and right now it's done through shared spreadsheets imo base communication text messages phone calls internal delegation. Everyone's the company. That's the contractor. Doing it has to have these expensive for our meetings. Weekly meetings to discuss where we in this gets sloppy right and you're open yourself up to fat fingers spreadsheets and or inputting things wrong or losing track of where you are in communication vendors. He's warrener's yeah there's so many there's so many painful associated with that workflow but that workflow touches multiple levels at multiple departments internally and externally so how do you approach putting a software system around that right around that that spreadsheet problem right and so we have been going at it very carefully to make sure we are addressing. All of the pain points associated with that workflow. But not saying we can do everything. So we're not gonna sit here and say we're going to be project management. We're to we're going to be the project management guys know. We want to from kickoff until you know the show shovels about to hit the ground than we export all of that into your project management tool which that is way less antiquated. There's a lot more project management tools in there are as a project coordinating right coordinating project and so but if you nail down taking that data that you're now lifting out of spreadsheets which is not a database and then accessing estimated for actual so. There's so much things you can do for. Decision makers from the c. level position to mitigate risk and all of your a all of your communication with your partners audit logged inside the system within the lockdown to line item. Even right so you have questions about something where the project status. Click a button. Let's open it up and see where the whole project is and you can thousand foot view across all your projects. Some companies have issues bulk ordering out of procurement right. Because they have this. They can't visually see all their projects going at one time. Yeah so having that done gives you the ability. So there's there's a lot of there's a lot of added benefits to it so the goal was to create a perfect system for general contractors. That's the original goal and i was. Okay i guess. I'm done with oil and gas. That's fine list the solve this problem. This is fun okay.

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