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Yeah. I do think so. And i think you know recently by certainly plays a role in that but like i said eight sacks in the past two years brady if he comes out and i think he needs a little more than just double digits. Let's say posts fourteen sacks as one of his best years of his career and lead the dominant defense because he's the best player. Then yeah people are gonna say oh man. He's back is one of those five guys he. He's fighting for your mount rushmore of broncos players. He comes out and has single sack again then. He's probably not going to be here this year. Just because i don't know that a a contract would be able to be worked out between the two sides and then you're saying well look he was great with dayton was great in two thousand fifteen he was the main reason they won the super bowl but then six years it he he. He didn't do that much with this team. Talking to sack. stevens of. Dnv are broncos. I just think the von miller bradley chubb. Whoa that is so fascinating to me. Because we talked about vaughn. He's got a lot of pressure on him. He will he he's looking at. He's looking at mount rushmore. He's wanting to be the one of the greatest broncos When you look over bradley chubb he's still going he's got. It's gonna take a lot for that to go away but this is the guy. The broncos passed on quitting nelson. Josh allen that we're with bradley chubb at five and he's had some injuries still a solid player. But hasn't hasn't i in my opinion hasn't really been that top five caliber player That he was drafted it. So both guys. When you look at vaughn you look at chubb. Both guys need to have maybe not special. Maybe that's not the right term but need to have pretty solid seasons. No you're absolutely right and you have a bradley. Chubb was a pro bowler last year. But a top five pick as a pass rusher. You're looking for more than eight sacks. Certainly so i completely agree with you and what you hope that this is the next to markets where von miller win demarcus ware. Von miller were absolutely lethal for a couple years there especially in two thousand fifteen demarcus. Ware was thirty two years old. Von miller thirty two years old and twenty or demarcus. Ware was thirty. Two and twenty fifteen von miller now thirty two years old. You hope that one of them takes off to the level that von miller was on in that two thousand fifteen season and the other one is just a great pass rusher. That will not only make your pass rush legal but it'll help the secondary. The the secondary doesn't need help accepting in creating turnovers and intersections. If they get that health and this group is it getting interceptions left and right then holy cow. I don't know how teams are going to score A unless the broncos run defense just completely falls apart which i don't expect to happen. I'm looking at this secondary. And you just said a pat ser tan. Maybe you want to go there yet. Because he's a rookie but could have a shot as being the top dog on this defense. Kareem jackson justin simmons arguably the best safety do. Oh and we know all about fuller and darby bryce callahan. I mean if you're planning prediction game. We know that when the broncos were so good defensively every piece was good but it was their secondary the no fly zone..

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