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It. I decided to present the United States first and foremost because it's the country I was born in. I think it makes sense to represent that. And you can't spell Musa without USA. On the field, what's it like to try and build an instant connection with the likes of pulisic, western McKinney, Tyler Adams. Can you talk about what it's like to work out how to bring the best out of each of those guys? It was quite simple actually. You see what they're good at. And then you let them do it. That's it. You see what a good idea let them do it. So Christian is good at receiving the ball in pockets. So I'll give the bull and I know he'll be able to do something for example. And western, given the boys will give him space and you'll turn and dribble past people really easy to understand. You know that good at it. So let him do it. When you look at Tyler Adams, what do you think? This guy will hold out that we feel like he would start anyone that comes there with a boy so clean as well so we just have quick tight connections and we play through teams like that. We just pass move, touch the ball. We might deal one too. I don't know it, but it's because things that I think are not true in people style of players. When you're up so that style of play is similar, it just clicks. The role you play in World Cup qualifying was so bloody impressive, but still to me, under sung, you impressed even the most jaded fans with your ability to navigate yourself out of the tightest spaces. You just how do you describe what you bring to the team in your own words? Trust putting me in so many matches in the qualifiers. I'm grateful for that. And I feel like in the team, I give a lot of dynamic movements. I help bring the ball forwards up the pitch. I feel like that's what I do. It allows us to break the other team's press and get into the final fed. Those Eunice moose runs up the middle, big train coming. I think I did a lot. There's something I enjoy doing. It feels good to be able to be of a players and then give a nice pass afterwards. You are an incredible player on the pivot receiving the ball facing your own goal and before we know it, you charging towards the opposition end. When you play on the half turn like that, you can't see what's behind you. How do you do it? Is it like a 6th sense? Is it just a feeling? The guy that's going to pass you the ball is ready to go and you just check his behind you. It's important to just check your shoulders. That's not an easy skill to do because you want to focus on when the voice come in, you know. But yeah, it's important to check your shoulders and you know your surroundings like that. So watching American David silver at times. When the U.S. finally qualified for the World Cup, almost a year to the day after you committed your international future to the team. Describe those emotions Eunice Musa World Cup coming. I feel like we could finally breathe. Finally breathe and it's not easier to qualify for a World Cup. I know that now. I was just trying to live the moment and think back of all the matches and all the hard work we put in and finally enjoy that moment of now we've done it. We're now going to go to the World Cup. Wow. There's a clip that came out right afterwards on the team plane back from, I think, Costa Rica. 19 year old Gio rayner 20 year old gianluca boutier and you just hit in the Gritty down the aisle of the team plane. And I watch that Eunice. You suddenly look like you are just a bunch of young Friends, young mates have in the time of your lives and living out your dreams together. Is that what it feels like to you? Very much. That was it. And it was like, we don't care. We qualify for the World Cup, you know, we don't care what anyone says. We're trying to enjoy ourselves out here. We quite excited for the whole cup, yeah? That was all that moment was about. You couldn't have had more coffee with Jade ourselves. Lastly, that's it. I'm a new citizen of the United States and it really is the honor of my life to be here. And I'm fascinated to hear having played for the United States units through this Concacaf qualifying journey. Bonding with your teammates representing this nation. In your own words, has it changed or deepened the connection that you feel to the United States? Yeah, a 100%. Now I'm closest to the guys. I know just the guys playing in the stadiums in the U.S. with those funds is such a great way. These guys seeing the whole match saying your name. They're great finds. They go find the funding with them is amazing. And it makes you feel a part of the culture. And you remember that forever. In terms of what American football is, you know, Christian politics talked about his goal with this team is to redefine what the world thinks about American football. Having played inside the team now, what would you describe American football as? Well, American football now. So the style of play where we are so good with the ball, but not just with the ball. Without the rule, we kill teams with a press and the intensity that we bring for our partners is a really tough way to play against us. It's really tough. When you think about the World Cup now, it's just three months away. What are you picturing? What do you imagine? Would you hope to achieve? That group stage is so important to be able to get through that. I feel like we as a group will be very disappointed if we don't achieve anything in the group change because of the talent and the quality and who we are. I feel like that's a very something we need to do. U.S. are going to play England, November 25th, two teams you could have played for. It's the Eunice mussa Derby. Yeah, yeah. How much are you looking forward to that one? What do you expect to feel?

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