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I i do think they're doing a sort of if they're not tanking their indefinitely neighborhood of tanking what's the point of giving them giving up a second round pick to then pay a guy who's like a pretty good pass rusher if you're considered arguably the worst roster in the n._f._l. Yeah it doesn't make a lot of sense. I know there's that greer connection thing which seems a real the stretch like a guy that used to be with texans. Is bobby still witham bob iger yeah <hes>. I don't know i mean krista so i mean by proxy not right so. I don't know there was some stuff that i was reading about it. I was like i mean like in that case like the rams phillips like i don't. I don't oh having worked with texans is not isn't does not guarantee. You're gonna wanna trade for cloudy but also doesn't mean if you haven't if you weren't with texans last week it also so means. It's very likely that you don't know what you're getting and would clowney. I'm not saying it's like a spurs transaction. Rigo the spurs. I want our player like we probably shouldn't do. Trade then where i would be afraid of the texans not wanting to pay cloudy because of injury history and then it's like hey you won the county trade like oh wait a minute. What did you just straight me right now. I think the fact that you can't negotiate a long term deal with them as quite strange like that. That's that's a widened the texans if they were going to train them. Why didn't they do this six months ago when they the team that got him could've could've given up more because they knew they could sign. I'm to a five year deal. What what is the point of waiting till after the tender deadline yeah. This doesn't make any sense by the way bob hope airport. You're right. That's the code is b. U. r. for i've never done it. People here swear by it. There's no way i would do it because i'm down at the beach so elliott l. experts at thirty minutes plus. You always see like a interesting celebrity there. We're bob hope at old. Oh yeah actually got eager to get you know people. You just don't don't see every day so jimmy bell in the security line couple days ago can weeks ago. That's incredible. I mean real c._n._c. Jamie bell the idea. I hear earned i'm come on. I think we're done here. I mean we could we could we could pivot to now turn no. We're good all right. We'll talk to you soon. That'll do it for dual threat so it'll be the same fee just subscribe and make sure you're subscribed and you'll be ready to go with the russillo show podcast <hes> starting up here full-time the ringer to next week and then three week throughout the football season. Thanks a lot and thanks for your support making this possible to <hes> be able to stay a little longer so thank you uh-huh..

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