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On the 4's the home of the huskies this is komo news it's laura thirty still ahead the latest on a demonstration against education secretary betsy devos oprah and bellevue as 430 on the continuing damage assessment of the california wildfires from a cal fire official is that fifty seven hundred structures are destroyed total deaths now at least thirty four abc news chief white house correspondent jonathan karl the president has come out with policy on iran it sounds tough but he is stopping short of doing what he said he would dude during the campaign and that's breaking the iran agreement presidents kicking the recertifying of the iran deal to congress he was secretarygeneral urges support for the multination agreement canada's allocating more money for you a new construction genera the latest on the las vegas massacre from abc news national correspondent met goodman in las vegas las vegas sheriff says he now agrees with the new hotel ton line i am very well aware of the mgm statement provided yesterday i agree with their state where twelve days after the massacre being changing timelines and questions about whether the response could have been quicker shucks iverson abc news it's four thirty one i'm a lisa jaffe top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center security is extremely tight as protesters began gathering outside the hyatt regency in downtown bellevue demonstrating against education secretary betsy devos their furious at her devotion to charter schools and vouchers for some children to attend private schools attorney general bob ferguson is expected to speak to these protesters along with king county executive dow constantine and educator justin fox bailey were routed supporter the privatized system public schools all kids and adversity constitution requires that's what the supreme court ruled and we're here to their this is not good for kids for public education our state bellevue way is blocked between northeast 8th and ten streets sand the protests kickoff at five device speaks at around seven and a few minutes will get an update on the traffic over there from marina there will be some signs of support today for the us education secretary live a thin of.

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