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Table to four. Yes thanks very much injury. What injury welcome. To thirty one thoughts the podcast presented by the gmc sierra eighty four elliott nikita kucherov front and center as. We thought this was going to be the first of many car casts. It is turning out to be the first patio cast on thirty one thoughts. The podcast set the scene for us. I'm at my office here at my home villain. -tario where are you well. We are at the boston pizza. Which is right next to art. Cbc bay studios for those of you. Who are not familiar. Those of us. Who have been in. The studio have broadcast all the offs from hearsay. But after i game two. There's going to be a kind god looking. There's a thirty one thoughts gas mersal on the big screen right next to every ordinance. I just have to look at myself fantastic anyway anyway. So after game to. This show is going on the road to montreal. Our technical and production crew is staying in toronto and then the games montreal will all be on the road but for the games in tampa some of the studio. Crew's coming back to toronto while the rest of us stay on the road so these next two games teams together of the season and so we just wanted to go on his group of game tonight. Those nights are always fun. Those nights are always special. It's a tight knit group when you're together for that long you know like hundred percent. They're the ones that save us through the ones that make us look good night in and night out five to one is the final tampa draws first blood No reason for panic. You for the montreal canadians or is there. A reason for panic. If you're the montreal. Canadian iran came up with the stat that the last three years. The team that lost game one came back to win the series washington. Saint louis and tampa. The one thing. That really stood out to me was gallagher's is the emotional leader of the heartbeat. The true heartbeat of the canadians and they went after him. It was very clear that they targeted gallagher and they said he has driven his three previous opponents crazy. And instead of waiting for that to happen to us we're going to take it right to him and they did you thankfully that play at the end of the game. He was able to stay in. It looked like it could have been really ugly. There for a second and gallagher to his credit didn't back down and at times gave as good as guide. But i saw a tampa team that said part of montreal's identity is kind of gallagher and the nasty way they play. We're going to remind everybody were pretty nasty too. They sent that good. Goodrow gourd coleman line after him and to me that was. That was a big tone setter in the series. They took one of montreal's most important players and they said we're going to target you tonight. You know the interesting thing about that is normally. When a team goes out of their way to go at gallagher they get distracted and they chase them all over the ice but that didn't happen with tampa. A couple of things happened here. One they did go. After gallagher both physically and verbally and craig simpson showed that they were relentless on gallagher. Normally that brings a team to distraction. And that's just what gallagher wants but that didn't happen with tampa. They also kept the big boys away from philip. The no dino wasn't able to do. Philip the know things on monday night but you talked about this last podcast conversation about it. There is a focus to tampa. We saw it last year in the bubble. And we're seeing it now. As much as they went after gallagher they weren't distracted by gallagher. And we're going to get the here in a second. But he didn't distract them but tampa every chance they got got in a good lick on them well. It was almost like if you're going to be in this game you're going to be in this game on our terms. Not your terms are terms. And the one time he got knocked over by headmen. That's montreal's done to every opponent. All year are all playoffs. If you get close to price knock you on your ass. This time it was it was tampa doing it was. I really thought game. One was a clinic from the lightning. They shut them down. They didn't give them too much and you know they went. They went nasty at the. We've talked about how tampa like. There's a lot of teams in the league. That think they get treated choirboys but really they're a bunch of pricks of anyone didn't realize that we saw on on game. What deke kucherov referenced. Him off the off the top two goal performance. He looked profoundly different from game. Seven against challenders on friday. Two game one against montreal on monday mean. I'm trying to figure out how he was feeling on friday. Was there an injury did they. Send him to lured to heal up him bathe in holy watering comeback for monday. Like from friday to monday. He's a different player. Remember i said the other day. I wondered if maybe he doesn't play game one. Maybe when he said the other day that he wasn't hurt on media date is typical crusty. Self maybe he actually willed himself to help. I don't remember which x. Men is the healer but maybe he just that ex-man visited him and yield is rib but i mean he was. He was great and that power play was humming. Again i get taxed during the game from scotland one of our producers telling me what to say and he said you should count. How many times at all five lightning players on the powerplay touch the puck and it's hugely because of what does in directing it the If they were firing the puck around no doubt about it and listen the One of the stories going into this was going to be mightier tampa's power play or montreal's penalty kill But a wondering your thoughts on hundred vassilev ski there were. There were moments in the second period where he stops weber on a breakaway on a bad route a pinch. There is a stop on anderson right after that. And then there's a stop on gallagher on a partial breakway your thoughts on what we saw from vassal laskey because the other story was going to be vassilev ski versus price. We've seen some games this playoff. Where he hasn't been at his best and tonight he was really sharp. It was gonna be borderline impossible to be. I would like to see the team in the nhl. That would have tab. But that was an excellent game we should mention about this game with nikita kucherov. Should've mentioned this couple of seconds ago. I might have even been as i shift. I think it was. It might have been koutros first. Shift the way. He went nick suzuki physically. As if saying if you had any doubt that i was healthy or if you have any doubt about how good. I'm feeling this should let you know i'm fine. Now i think i think less than gallagher i think they wanted to let suzuki. No like suzuki has a reputation that when he takes a bomb he gets better doesn't shy away from it. He's engaged. But i think tampa really wanted to test that i think to. They really missed armenia tonight. Montreal did leave it. I know i'll tell you this. I was really happy to see jake evans back and playing because of what he went through. I just felt that they really missed. Armenia tough night for the kids as well knicks. Xueqian coal caufield. That isn't one. That's a sort of burn the tape night for those guys but That's a tough one like most of them by broadcasts will burn the amen. You and me both brother all right. We'll kick it off Elliott settling in for first patio cast. Welcome to thirty one thoughts podcast presented by the gmc. Sierra eighteen nice pushing comes from. Emily kaplan of espn. Go ahead. emily. I listened. Curious would be. Nhl consider punishment to the individuals. The club's fish.

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