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And mike carlson our guests here on weekends after the news hello i'm jim lee with the bbc news turkish backed forces are reported to have entered the syrian city of our free after a twomonth battle with the kurdish why pg militia the syrian observatory for human rights which is based in britain said turkish troops in their syrian rebel allies had taken over some districts but fighting continued elsewhere video posted on social media showed armed men moving through the streets and taking down a kurdish flag from a monument tens of thousands of civilians aflaid afraid in recent days to escape the turkish assault the russian military says syrian civilians are continuing to pour out of rebel held areas of eastern gouta outside damascus with more than twenty thousand leaving on sunday morning the exodus of been growing through the week has pro government forces press their assault on the last pockets of resistance backed by a heavy bombing campaign britain has dismissed as absolute nonsense moscow's allegation that it could have produced the poison used to target a former russian double agent in england british government says it scientists say they have identified the nerve agent as russianmade but in an interview with the bbc the russian ambassador to the eu g micciche off again repeated moscow's assertion that it had nothing to do with the attempted assassination james robbins reports ambassador chizhov said there were no stockpiles of what so ever of nerve agents left in russia but then he went to bit further asked how the chemical weapon came to be used in salisbury mr chizhov suggested that the nerve agent might have been checked against samples retained in the port dan laboratory porta dow as we now all know is the largest military facility in the united kingdom that has been dealing with chemical weapons and research and it's only eight miles from salisbury russia's ambassador to.

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